What is SoC: Is Small Is Enough?: Have you think of how your Smartphones and Tablet runs PC class function so easily these days, as some mobile processor as even faster than current gen PC-class processor but how these things possible in so small space. As Smartphone industry invented System On Chip (Soc or SOC) which is an integrated circuit which integrates all part of the device to other hardware of the device.

SoC solves many problems for the mobile industry as it requires less power, take very small space on board and able to handle work easier than ever. SoC contains digital, analog, mixed-signal and often radio-frequency function inside the chip. While as you visualize into the mind and see these things on PC or Notebook these stuff take almost 70 percent of the area of Desktop while compared with all those stuff in your Smartphone or Tablet looks like a miniature or futuristic gadget with same power and processing.

Some example of powerful SoC like Apple new A10 Fusion Chip or Snapdragon 821 CPU is best in class SoC as this Processor achieve desktop benchmark which made both these Processor hot topic in the world of SoC. While upcoming projects like Snapdragon 835 or Apple A10X SoC are also trending topics in leaks and rumors as these have this feature or other.

SoC: Small Work Better Than Bigger

The main question arises in your mind while listening so much that how all these things possible in single chip solution and Why desktop not able to provide this level of compactness we are here to give you all answer that you mind toggling around.


Design and fabrication are the main answer that how these things possible in a miniature architecture. A SoC consists of both the hardware and software controlling the microcontroller, microprocessor or DSP cores, peripherals and interfaces, Which basically means that all those Stuff you find on PC like RAM, Graphics, Processor, Wifi, Bluetooth, Network Modem and various other stuff lies inside a single chip.

SoC Architecture
SoC Architecture

SoCs are basically built of software specific design which usually means that it can able to run a certain function on the device which made SoC different from Desktop Processor. As Desktop Apps or Programs need more processing power and multitasking while SoC is capable or doing less processing and less multi-tasking. But this widens gap now become more narrow with new technology. So it may possible that someday SoC out par Desktop Processor.

Fabrication of SoC is also very hard as putting all those stuff inside without taking much space, and fit in architecture. Industry uses the very high density of fabrication to put inside all these stuff.

Why SoC?:

SoC is basically used to make the device more compact possible as we can use Desktop Processor but it needs more area, Heat sink more power, and much more stuff, While SoC specifically designs to work under low power. As SoC can work with device battery which has around 1000 mAh battery which so less as compared to Desktop which uses AC connection and around 350 Watt to run sufficient specs.

SoC V/s Desktop Processor:

Desktop comparing with SoC is a very controversial topic as it totally depends on what function or Program you want, either you want to run what’s App or you want to run XCode in Mac all these require a different level of processing and power. Even though SoC is touching the Power of Desktop Class Architecture but till it is not possible to run any Desktop App on SoC device.

SoC Of Qualcomm Chip Structure
SoC Of Qualcomm Chip

While in some case SoC Works faster and more convenient than Desktop Processor while in other Desktop out par SoC. Even tough Configuration of SoC sometimes match Desktop Processor but these things are way beyond the number.

Future of SoC

As time passes and technology change, it shapes sometimes it possible to do all those Desktop Stuff in your Smartphone or Tablet, as it possible to run a whole Car or Robot through a SoC which is small but capable of taking more and efficient function.

In today’s Date SoC is really working hard to compete with Desktop Processor, but they also create the ground for themselves also as this much small chip are capable of doing various things which is not possible through mobile devices.


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