What to Expect with 2017 iPhone?: As next year is approaching really soon we are hoping some great gadget to come in an upcoming year. As iPhone will complete its 10th anniversary in 2017 people expectation is rising day by day as what will iPhone 2017 will bring. Many people think that Apple revolutionizes the smartphone like it does 10 years ago. Apple will bring Better, Bigger, Curved Display, All In Glass Design, Wireless Charging and New Home Button. We have collected some rumors which we get know about in recent days.


According to the leaks, Apple may bring all in glass design, as like iPhone 4. Apple Chief Designer John Ive also said that he is interested in making glass design iPhone. Apple will adopt same tough body as like iPhone 4 with a same beautiful design.

Apple iPhone 8 Design Glass Body
Apple iPhone 8 Glass Design

People is already bored with Apple metal design since iPhone 5 while new iPhone 7 Jet Black Color really lure customers towards itself. Apple may also increase the color variants to Red Color as iPhone 4 only comes in Two black and white but in 2017 iPhone Apple will bring 5-6 color option including Gold, White, Black, Rose Gold, Red and Jet Black.


iPhone 8 may get screen bump as recent iPhone has a 4.7-inch display but new iPhone may have a 5-inch display in the basic model while 5.8-inch after 5.5-inch Plus model. Apple is trying to make a hazel bit less soothed can be able to make the display larger without making the device bigger. Apple will bring 3 model iPhone with different size while 2 iPhone will have the greater feature than smaller one.

Apple iPhone OLED Display Feature in Upcoming iPhone
Apple iPhone 8 OLED Display

Apple is also bringing curved display as a report from WSJ confirmed Apple is prototyping a hi-res curved model as a possible top-tier iPhone 8. Reports are also claiming that Apple may bring OLED display in upcoming iPhone 8 as this made possible to give more color accuracy and rich impact while resolution will also increase. Apple also orders LG for the foldable OLED Display for upcoming iPhone 8. Reports are also claiming that Apple may only bring this feature to iPhone 8 5.8-inch model only while another model will only have LCDs.


iPhone 8 will also have Dual Camera Lens but still only in Plus model but, iPhone 8 may feature a vertical camera setup as recent leaks are calming that Apple is prototyping Dual Camera model for testing.

Apple iPhone 8 Feature Vertical Camera
5-inch iPhone 8 Vertical Camera Concept

Apple also increases the Camera capability by increasing the Camera resolution, Camera Exposure, Camera Focal Length and Camera Stability. While iPhone 8 5.0-inch will only have single camera setup with OIS and camera Improvement.


Wireless Charging

According to supply chain calming that Apple may surely bring Wireless Charging to iPhone 8. A recent report from KGI said Apple was planning to offer wireless charging on all the 3 model iPhone. Though the supply chain analyst also suggested that the wireless charging dock will not ship as bundled inside the box as you have to purchase that model as separate accessories. As report comes in October claimed that Foxconn Apple manufacturing partner is testing new Wireless charging module for iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Solution,Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charing
Apple iPhone 8 on Wireless Charging Stand

Inductive charging in a smartphone is not a new thing as a smartphone from 2013 or further are featuring wireless charging, Apple is always trying to perfect those things when they trying to bring in a market. Apple Hardware Chief Phil Schiller noted back in 2012 that “wireless charging systems still have to be plugged into the wall, so it’s not clear how much convenience they add.” That what makes Apple’s reported connection with Energous a company that has developed a truly wireless charging solution called WattUp, which means that a transmitter is fit into the device and charging can be done while using the device within 15ft. While means that there is nothing extra required like charging mat or other accessories.

Embedded Home Button

As iPhone 7 has forced touch button next iPhone will eliminate the home button from iPhone as new iPhone will feature Embedded Home Button. While means that home button is embedded on the screen as you can not see the home button but feel it. As this rumor is also expected from way back but still no iPhone gets that. As new home button will help iPhone 8 to have seamless design while new edge to edge display will also look good. As Apple don’t want to increase the design size this will help them to increase the display size within same form factor.

Apple iPhone 8 Home Button Concepts
Apple iPhone 8 Home Button


As new year Apple will introduce their 11th version of iOS people are expecting that new iOS update will have something amazing, as they will bring more functionality to smartphone feature. Apple may also bring new VR OS which nay is the amazing thing and also counters Google’s Day Dream VR.

Augmented Reality

From rumored claiming that Apple is showing their excitement to AR, it may happen that Apple may bring AR technology to iPhone 8. As Tim Cook also quoted that AR is really wonderful to think and they also get deeper into it. In January 2016 a report said Apple was building a secret research team to develop virtual and augmented reality tech including reportedly prototyping VR headset. Apple also patented a Camera patent which recognizes an object and facial recognition is also included.

iPhone 8 May Feature Camera,Apple iPhone 8 Camera
Apple iPhone 8 AR Camera

Hope all these features may come in iPhone 8, but now I would like to take your leave until then good bye. On Be Half whole Tech Awareness Team, we would like to wish you a “Happy New Year”.



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