What Technology to expect in 2017: As 2016 is off the shore and 2017 is coming Tech industry are also planning to bring somethings new to this world as we have seen many invention and innovation happen this year and tech world always run on this two word. So what to expect in 2017 is become much more important for today, as some companies have teased product which they launch next 2017, we have to figure out some tech which is going to unveils in 2017.

Upcoming Technology In 2017:

1. Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch has already come to many of us wish list after its launch as what capability its trailer shows is way behind the scenes, as a gamer will love to play where they were while traveling while visiting some place or play on the big screen this device is capable of each and everything possible. Hope to see this device in March of next year, and we’ll get to more acquaintance when it release.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

2. Microsoft Project Scorpio:

Microsoft next gen Console will make its appearance in next year as Xbox One Bring many new features like 4K Gameplay at 30 fps, HDR Gaming and Nice Design. As Project Scorpio brings very nice improvement to gameplay as VR may also coming to Xbox Console as Microsoft brings VR to Windows 10 and also promise to capture the VR market.

Microsoft Project Scorpio
Microsoft Project Scorpio Expectation

3. Apple Siri-Based Speaker:

Apple is secretly building Voice based speaker for Siri same as Alexa or Google Assistant. As the device is expected to come in Mac event but Apple is not able to complete this project, while this speaker works functionally same as Alexa or Google Assistant but how Apple integrate with other device is way more good than expected.

Apple Siri-Based Speaker
Apple Siri-Based Speaker

4. VR For Windows 10:

Windows 10 has made its appearance on both the next major platform AR and VR as it becomes the first platform to have both platforms. As AR technology like Microsoft Halo lens which is expected to come in 2018 is also luring hearts of many while VR for Windows 10 is also increasing, as Microsoft partner with industry biggest names for VR headset and bring VR Windows 10 in Creators Update in 2017.

VR For Windows 10
VR For Windows 10

5. iPhone 8:

Apple iPhone 8 is next biggest thing to expect in 2017, as Apple is promising to bring something amazing as iPhone 8 is tenth iPhone in a row. iPhone 8 will have a significant update to iPhone lineup with whole new Design, Wireless Charging, Better Camera, Better Battery Life, OLED Display and much more to expect.

iPhone 8 Leaks Concept Pic
iPhone 8 Concept Pic

6. iPad and Mac:

As Apple recent event of MacBook Pro is the disappointment of many as they release worst MacBook Pro ever in every aspect of battery life, performance while they also trying to lose Pro name, during the span of 18 months Apple bring out new Touch Bar with old processor and slow Mac’s.

iPad and Mac
iPad and Mac

But it is expected that Apple will bring something amazing to other Mac lineup like Mac Pro which was released way back in 2013 and hasn’t received any update yet but Apple will bring some improvement to these lineup along with MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac mini. iPad Pro will also make its appearance on March event, as iPad Pro will receive some changes like new Display, Processor, and various other changes.

7. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8:

As Samsung has made blowing phone this year, but next year Samsung to after to bring something promising which surely like by the user. As Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S8 in March while Note 8 on September as both of these devices are expecting to come next year and leaks and rumors are expecting something big will happen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks
Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks

8. Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and Surface Phone:

Microsoft lineup is becoming more significant than Apple lineup after MacBook Pro failure, as People are expecting something amazing product from Microsoft as earlier been expected from Apple. Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 is becoming hot topic already and people are expecting something amazing from this product.

Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and Surface Phone
Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and Surface Phone

Surface Phone is also expecting to release in 2017 as people are expecting for this device from last two year but it still not made its appearance till now but leaks and rumors are showing something amazing from these devices.

Hope you may excite to read this list and already get enthusiastic about these tech we are also trying to use this product. So let see how this stuff made its appearance next year.


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