Which Technology You Should Use This New Year (2017): As 2017 is finally arrives we have great days to come in future as technology always see a new world each and every year. Every year millions of idea come in the world of technology some idea becomes reality and few of them get success.

While starting your new year with new tech is really amazing, while experiencing a new world with help of technology can now be possible. While during the course of this year we also meet with many new events like MCW, CES, WWDC and various another event which made tech enthusiast know about tech. So we have listed some technology you should us this new year.

Awesome Technology You This Use In 2017:

1. A Great Start With VR:

Virtual Reality is now in the phase of development as most of our smart device are either adopting VR technology are coming with VR enable. In 2016 we met with VR technology like Oculus Rift, Google Dream VR and various other as these technologies are the base of tomorrow world. As 2017 is expected to see new VR enabled devices, VR solution for our day to day life and various improvement in VR industry.

Oculus VR Technology
Oculus VR Technology

2. Make Smart Home With Smart Solution:

Last year we have seen many smart home solution made its entry in the world like Google Home, Apple TV 4th Gen, Philips Smart Home Solution and various other. Our world is becoming smart day by day likewise our device also becoming smart. Using smart device reduce our unusual effort which we do day by day and use that effort in something good, the smart device also makes us ensure what we actually do is secure or not and various other things which smart devices helps us and save our day.

Smart Home Devices
Smart Home Devices

3. How About Assistant to Assist You Daily:

As we have seen many Assistant like Siri, Cortana, Google but last year we have seen the great leap of Assistant to get integrated with our each and every smart device including light, thermostats, smartphone, doors and various other. Last year Google has announced Google Home which was a great home solution with Assistant, Google Home is connected with each and every smart device of the home which made our day to day task easier. There are various other Assistant your can use like Alexa from Amazon or upcoming Apple Home and Microsoft Home.

Google Home With Smart Assistant
Google Home

4. Smart Cars:

Last year Tesla has announced their self-assist driving solution for future cars, as future we’ll likely to see some things amazing like self-driving cars, flying cars, and various other things but we are now talking about a self-assistant car which drives itself on straight roads without the help of the driver. Tesla introduces this update in their newest cars like Model 3 and various other you can also take benefit of all these now.

Tesla Self Driving Car
Tesla Self Driving Cars

5. AR and Future of Computing:

AR technology has the various impact of our future computing as new Microsoft AR Halo is becoming reality in near future as a consumer can now use this device and experience themselves all these. AR technology is shifting toward out future computing world, as Lenovo new Phab Pro 2 which also uses AR camera to interact with the world, we are here to experience what could be possible with the world of AR.

Augmented Reality Devices
Augmented Reality Devices

So these are the new technology you can use or experience this new year, hope you like all these devices listed in our Article and also hope you’ll eagerly waiting for our next article very soon until then good bye.


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