What is Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)?: You might hear term LCD which is usually used in previous gen Display while some device still supports LCD display till now. So what is the term LCD means, how this technology works and why still not use in industry, we answer all these major questions here so stay here to know more fact about LCD. LCD was first discovered in 1888. and become more popular than CRT in 2008.

What is LCD?

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display the technology which usually presents in a display of NoteBook, Desktop, Smartphone and many other products. LCD technology starts making an appearance in the world of technology after CRT as they are much thinner than CRT and require less power than CRT. Due to this fact, many display industries starts using LCD as primary technology. LCD panel display most appears in the tech era before the 2010s. But the major question still arises that How LCD work,

Working Mechanism Of LCD
Working Mechanism Of LCD
  • LCD device work on the principal of emitting light rather than blocking it, LCD is a flat panel display or other electronic. a visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals.

  • LCD are placed together to each other to work as a pixel, by the introduction of LCD industry is able to make a high-density resolution in a display which looks so amazing. Some resolution like 720p or 1080p is possible through LCD display.

LCD used in various tech before the 2010s including Smartphones, TV, Music Players, iPods, iPad, Monitors, Watches, Large Display and various other. By the help of LCD it even possible to make an even larger display which was not possible through CRT.


While comparing these two old technologies it is pretty hard as these are so outdated topic which hardly people wanted to know but this basic which we need to know. LCD don’t use phosphorus, which means they do not suffer image burn-in when a static image is displayed on a screen for a long time as if a scene of a movie being in the I’mage for a long time CRT display is not capable of it. Main reason why industry uses LCD because of energy efficiency and can be easily disposable and safer than CRT. LCD consume very low power which makes it capable of running on batteries that provide its integration on many mobile devices which have a display and use to run on battery.


What Technology LCD Works

LCD is made with either a passive matrix or an active matrix display grid. Which usually mean precision or perfect display refresh rates. The active Matrix LCD is usually known as TFT (thin film transistor) display. The passive matrix LCD has a grid of conductors with pixels located at each intersection in the grid. For the perfection, it responds to current and control each light of pixel with more easy. An active matrix has a transistor located at each pixel intersection requiring less current to control the luminance of a pixel. As best among both is Active Matrix.

IPS (In-plane switching)

IPS help the LCD display to align the liquid crystals in a plane parallel to the glass substrate. As this help LCD to reorient easily when an electric field is applied. IPS is also on the step ahead as new eIPS which help bigger display screen to maintain same color, brightness, and various other properties.

IPS Image Technology.
IPS Image Technology


As said earlier LCD is very compact, thin and light than CRT. LCD also require less power which helps us to make small devices with battery. High Refresh Rates LCD can usually reach up to 200Hz or faster. Image produces by LCD is razor sharp and nice color contrast. Emit less electromagnetic radiation which is very good for Human life. There are various other advantages which help LCD to stand in our industry.

Hope you may know various facts about LCD and want to know what ahead of it, as there are many types of research going on to make display technology better than ever.


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