What is AMD’s Polaris?

What is AMD's Polaris?

What is AMD’s Polaris?: Graphics battle between AMD and NVIDIA is not new as when the graphics industry start to flourish the two giants are rivalry since then, as one release some technology while other one releases some other. So it rather confusing what each and every word means in their technology, as some tech of both these companies is theoretically same. Like SLI or Crossfire which usually means that many graphics card work simultaneously.

In this article, we are going to let you know more about AMD’s new Polaris Architecture, as Nvidia’s next gen GPU uses Maxwell Architecture likewise AMD made new Polaris architecture. AMD unveils new architecture recently in May of 2016. As AMD’s Chief Architect for GPU, Raja Koduri unveils the new architecture in Computex 2016.

AMD has received significant industry graphics demands as all console like PS4 or Xbox One are running AMD CPU and GPU. Due to this fact, AMD wanted to capture computer industry also that why they launch new Polaris architecture. New AMD Polaris GPU features all the latest and greatest technologies which possibly made till now like VR, HDR Gaming, Free Sync and many other. Most of this technology are made up AMD itself and also work super awesome.

AMD Polaris Architecture Map
AMD Polaris Architecture Map

AMD Polaris Architecture Compatibility & Support With Gaming, Sync, Codec, VR, Display And More:

New AMD Polaris Architecture receives a hardware also as RX480 which receive a significant amount of positive review as for its budget cost and also head to head with Nvidia GTX 1060. So without further ado let’s get know about Polaris Architecture.

What is Polaris Architecture? 

Polaris Architecture is 4th Generation Graphics architecture which is based on 14nm FinFET process architecture. As this level of miniature process lets to make something significant,  as Polaris Architecture is small, requires less power and perform more significant than 3rd Gen AMD GPU’s. Polaris Architecture is based on GNC (Graphics Next Core) Architecture which 4th Gen, This Architecture is a nice improvement than previous gen as it uses 14nm FinFET Architecture which nice improvement after 28nm Chipsets.

AMD Polaris Architecture Vs Previous
AMD Polaris Architecture Vs Previous

This 4th Gen GNC has include industry various API like Vulkan, DirectX 12 and Async Compute. Async Compute helps the GPU to reduce render time but give the same level of performance while maintaining FPS. Async Compute Technology help AMD to achieve significant benchmarks improvement against their counterparts. Talking about DirectX 12 and Vulkan these API are industry standards and give a more rich level of graphics experience which was not able to achieve earlier.

Polaris Architecture helps AMD to give better Per watt performance than earlier. Due to this fact, Notebook having Polaris GPU will perform even better than earlier Gen. Fans also become more quiet than previous as heat dissipation is also less. Polaris Architecture also has some other improvement which made this Architecture more significant which we will go to talk about next.

AMD FinFet Architecture 4th Gen
AMD FinFet Architecture 4th Gen

Why Polaris?

Polaris Architecture provides various of new technology like VR, HRD Gaming, More Significant Free Sync, Open GPU, Next Gen Port and Various more. Talking about each separately

VR For Masses

AMD bring VR experience with so minimal cost that you’ll never imagine as Nvidia also introduce their new GPU having VR capabilities but the lower one is still cost a little bit extra than AMD. VR is surely the next big platform for development as many companies put forward their VR interface, while other also introduce new Game and many other things which we can think off now.

Polaris GPU VR Ready
Polaris GPU VR Ready

HDR Gaming

As F-HD gaming on normal SDR is now over game developer are now building next big things which leverage quality more than ever. As HDR gaming bring Wider Color, More Brightness, Extra Bit of detailing, Richer Contrast, High Color Saturation and so on. HDR gaming is now available in recent consoles like PS4 Pro or Xbox One S.

HDR-vs-SDR AMD Polaris Architecture
HDR-vs-SDR AMD Polaris Architecture

Next Gen Display Engine

Port like DisplayPort 1.3 or HDMI 2.0b is also supported which means that you can plug with Display like 4K with HDMI cable and get the benefit of all those things. As Future display may also support Refresh Rates of 190 Hz and this gen also supported that.

Amd Polaris GPUs Vs Previous GPU
Amd Polaris GPUs Vs Previous GPU

AMD FreeSync

Every PC gamer doesn’t want to see slow frame rates and high latency. As AMD Free Sync Technology reduces all these things easily with the support of 60+ FPS with low latency. But you will need FreeSync enabled monitors.

AMD Polaris Refresh Rates Vs Competitor
AMD Polaris Refresh Rates Vs Competitor

GPU Open

AMD also develop various API like TressFX Hair, GeometrFX, ShadowFX, AOFX, SSAA, Forward+ as these API made a game more immersive while some game also features these API like Tomb Raider, Hitman and various other support this.

Ready for AMD XConnect

This technology helps GPU to connect with various new ports like new Thunderbolt 3 which is best for external graphics. As its transfer speed is 40 Gbps which is really fast for this GPU. Various Notebook, Ultrabook, and Gaming Notebook now support Thunderbolt external GPU which leverages gaming to another level.

New Codec

Polaris support all the latest and greatest Codec like H.265, 4K at 60FPS and various other which never let a user to think their hardware is old. As video editing and various other things run super smooth in this GPU.

Polaris Performance

Polaris GPU is capable of giving more than 5 TeraFlops of GPU processing which is way amazing than previous Gen. Bandwidth of Polaris GPU is 256 bits which mean that processing or rendering graphics is more than better. Polaris Architecture helps GPU to introduce 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. It also has 36CUs which help it to achieve significant performance.

As these things made Polaris a great GPU gamer of future will really enjoy this GPU. Polaris Architecture has recently received new GPU like RX 400 Series and also various other coming future. Some new technology like VR, HDR Gaming, nd various other user will really enjoy.


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