Apple May Introduce Apple Watch 3 In Q3 Of 2017 Report: After announcing Apple Watch series 2, Apple is ready completely evolve Wearable industry as reports are calming that Apple next-gen Watch has begun. So get ready and start adding to Wishlist as this year is not too easy for Apple fans as Apple introduce various product this year.

According to a report from Chinese media Economic Daily News via Digitimes, indicates that Quanta will manufacture the third-gen Apple Watch as a name is unclear as it called as Watch series 3 or Watch 3. Report are claiming that their not too much feature you’ll get in new gen Apple Watch but Apple may bring new design, more strap, better battery life and more performance.

Apple Watch 3 May  Be The Attraction Of Apple September Event:

As this report came from genuine source so it is till not confirmed or any images are still leaked out yet. As this leaks may get confirmed when we get to know about the product from its leaks. Apple doesn’t put any attention toward Watch Series 3 as Apple is already focused on year biggest product iPhone 8. This means that their less confirmation about a new product from Supply Chain Side.

As like previous leaks of Apple Watch 2 which have the same design and less expected feature Apple Watch 3 may also be the biggest disappointment for a user as Apple is not focusing on their product too much. While talking about Watch 3 Apple may introduce Swim Tracking, UV ray scanner, Better Display, More connectivity strength, more battery life and various other things.

As it hopes that Apple may not use same design pattern as previous two model, Apple may also use a smart band for Watch 3. Apple performing the same pattern as iPhone series as they introduce the less likely model and then enhance that model to perform batter. Apple may also introduce some other sensor to measure your body temperature and may another sensor.

Hope Apple bring a better Watch this year, as expected that Apple may put emphasis on Battery life of the product as this job is given to Quanta. Apple may announce Watch 3 in the third quarter of this year also with iPhone 8 hope this product will be the perfect companion for iPhone 8.


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