CES 2017 Samsung Releases Chromebook Plus & Pro: Samsung has introduced all new Chromebook with the collaboration of Google which consist of stylus slides into a slot on the side of the computer and a menu of options pops up on the screen when you remove it, through which you can write on screen, highlight things via “Lazer Pointer”, select screenshot, and more fun options which are the first one of its kind along with support on-screen inking, there are two models available for it Chromebook Plus And Chromebook Pro and these are the first ones to built from the ground up with support for apps of Android.

Samsung Chromebook With Stylus
Samsung Chromebook With Stylus

Samsung Chromebook Plus & Pro Features:

Design And Display:

  • It consists of all metal chassis and weighs around two and a half pound, width of this Chromebook is just over half an inch thick when closed.

  • It also consists of the 360-degree hinge which let the device to switch between the laptop and tablet mode as you can see present on many Window laptop available in the market.

  • It has two USB Type-C port which is capable of charging as well as 4K video output.

  • Display of Samsung Chromebook is 12.3-inches in size with the resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixel LED display technology, the display is vibrant and colorful.

Powered By:

Processor: Samsung Chromebook Plus is powered by ARM-based chip while the pro version is available with Intel Core M3 processor which is one of the most energy efficient processors.

Memory & Storage: Both models is loaded with 4GB of RAM memory which is enough for light usage without any hiccup. It has storage of 32GB internal memory along with the MicroSD card slot for expansion.

Battery Backup: Samsung claims that these both Chromebook plus and Pro are capable of 8 hours of battery backup.

Stylus Features: 

For better and improve writing with stylus google uses cloud technology, you can use this to take notes in Google Keep which will instantly sync and available through Google optical character recognition technology.

Samsung Chromebook Stylus Features
Samsung Chromebook Stylus Features

According to Samsung, this can predict the movement of your pen which not only improves responses but also makes drawing and writing more natural on display than ever. Kan Liu, senior director of product management for Chrome OS, says that:

“The technology makes the Chromebook’s stylus more responsive than the Surface Pen used with Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Book”

This Chromebook seems to be different from other Chromebook available in the market with its features like convertibility into tablet along with the stylus which gives you a large dimension of creativity in writing and drawing.


If we see the availability of Chromebook then the Chromebook Plus will be available starting this February for $449 but the pro model will come late this year with of course higher price.


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