CES 2017: Razer’s New Gaming Laptop With Three Display: Gaming fans are seeing various announcements at CES from Gaming forum, while Razer has brought new hope for gaming enthusiast which they’ll surely love. Have you ever dreamt for a multi-screen laptop as Razer is here with their Triple Display Project Valerie, as they made a prototype display which uses multiple monitors in single laptop for gaming?

Valerie looks most likely like 2016 Razer Blade Pro. While instead of 17.3-inch Single 4K display it includes a stack of screens that slide into a three display setup under their own power. As this device not for portable gaming machine enthusiast but looks really nice.

Gaming Laptop With Three Display:

Multiple displays have great technology which made all three display possible for gaming, and this device surely does as from inside it powered with Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU, which made this device insane powerful. But overall aesthetics matches Razer Pro design with same design and keyboard pattern. While some goodness comes with compromises and this device has all of them as it weighs around 12 pounds and 1.5 inches thick while compared with various another gaming notebook which has a 5-8 pound of weight and around 0.70-0.90 thickness so you can assume how this device fits in your life.

Razer's New Gaming Laptop With Three Display
Razer’s New Gaming Laptop With Three Display

While some other features include for this device is VR ready which made this device future ready. As is can use both Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Project Valerie has same GPU and design as Razer Pro while some other features are still unknown. The design is also not confirmed as the device may introduce a new design. In addition to a backlit keyboard has lighting strips under the two side monitors, which made the ambiance of gaming really good. Talking about batteries this device is not meant for that as Razer other gaming product won’t able to give battery life while gaming.

Razer also not unveil the price of the product but may cost over $4,000 as Triple Display and various other things made this device more costly.


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