CES 2017: Razer New Project Ariana May Take Over Gamer Entire Home: Playing games on projector may look odd as gaming in project may take away concentration of player but if you hope yo play games on big walls of your house your wait is finally over, as Razer has announced a gaming projector at CES 2017 so let’s find more about it.

After their Triple Display Laptop, this new Project Ariana is prototype video projector meant to provide ambiance through Razer’s Chroma System, which has color chasing light mice and keyboard. As this project is still a concept as their is no price or expectation date is announced yet. 

Razer New Project Ariana May Take Over Gamer Entire Home:

Razer said that this is 4K projector can be used as a normal purpose but this projector is not meant for that as it primary work is gaming as supposed to have extended monitors to give the impression of the display to the entire room. The device has fish eye lens and two depth sensing cameras which let Ariana detect things in your house like furniture and various other things it may look like AR technology as you don’t want to miss you gaming excitement hides under your furniture.

Project Ariana From Razor
Project Ariana From Razor

This gaming projector is not meant for average gamers or enthusiast as it requires lots of space in your room which distorts picture may cause you lose while playing games. As this project look not really good yet but Razer may introduce this product with lots of enhancements. If you want to take big screen than your existing display this projector help in that while color production, image production, refresh rates are really up to the mark but we can’t say everything when we get a hand on to the products.

The device creates nice ambient with Razer Chroma which made both these things amazing, gaming on projector feel. really nice for you and you may enjoy this amazing feature. Hoping that Project Ariana may introduce next year of CES with more details and improvements so gamers will try their hands on the device.


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