Apple iPhone 8 Will Surely Feature Wireless Charging As Recent Evidences: Rumors and expectation of upcoming iPhone 8 growing day by day, as Apple is announcing its 10th Gen iPhone which meant for Apple is everything for this 10-year journey. While today we get a report that shows that Apple is surely bringing Wireless Charging to iPhone 8, as back in February last year Apple made patent to wireless charging technology. If you following the news since then you know Apple made a recent order to various companies to manufacturer Wireless Charging Cradle. Wireless charging may solve a various problem of iOS devices as listening music and charging can do seamlessly without any issue. Wireless Charing is in Wishlist of various people as this will bring various ease to people.

Wireless Charging Leaks For iPhone 8
Wireless Charging Leaks For iPhone 8

Wireless Surely Future Of Innovation For Upcoming iPhone 8

As leaks from last week shows that a wireless company Energous is ready to ship Wireless Charging Soon for next gen iPhone. Apple may bring a charging pad which does charging while various other third parties may bring various another type of wireless solution for Apple when a device will release. CEO of Energous Steve Rizzone went on record indicating that while his company plans to launch the broader technology by the end of 2017, the firm currently has one “key partner”. Whose devices will exclusively be equipped with advanced wireless charging technology at launch? Which surely point over Apple upcoming iPhone 8 in the fall.

Apple Patent For Wireless Charging
Apple Patent For Wireless Charging

Talking about previous leaks of iPhone 7, you ever heard of a smart port at the back of iPhone 7 Plus which somehow it won’t made its appearance into the final product as Apple won’t ready to launch that technology soon. But it can be better if Apple brings data transfer and power transfer to a smart connector as like iPad Pro, as it made convenient for a user not to carry any wires and any things else.

Apple Wireless Charging Image
Apple Wireless Charging

Some teasing of new product for Apple iPhone 8 is hinted on CES 2017 world’s largest electronics show. As Apple spokesperson made this clear about such details but hoping that the Cupertino giants are near to made an offer for next iPhone. So stay connected to Tech Awareness for various details of upcoming iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Leaks
Apple iPhone Wireless Charging Leaks


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