Sennheiser’s Earbuds To Record 3D Audio Via iPhone: Here we go for another achievement for Sennheiser as they revealed at the CES about their newest pair of Earbuds that can, of course, play music like any other headphone but at the same time can record the 3D audio directly through your iPhone. The wired Ambeo Smart Surround earbuds really record binaural or any type of 3D audio which otherwise requires big earshaped rigs for the same job.

Sennheiser’s Earbuds To Record 3D Audio Via iPhone:

Although the company had announced it but you will have to wait for your pairs for some time as they will be made available by the second half of this year. Sennheiser has also not yet cleared about the pricings for the Ambeo Smart Surround Earbuds so we will have to see for it once it gets cleared off from their side.

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Sennheiser: Ambeo Smart Surround Earbuds

Connectivity for using the Ambeo Smart Surround Earbuds is through the lightning port to connect through your iPhone & you will have to just wrap around your ears & get started. Very intelligently designed earbuds have the microphones on the outside of the earbuds, sitting behind a mesh of metal & helping to capture the 3D audio very smoothly.

Sennheiser has pushed these earbuds & the 3D audio as a companion for the 360-degree cameras too. You will be impressed with this binaural audio even if you are watching a 2D video so that is not a limitation anymore. The binaural audio is very much about recording the sound, in the same manner, you hear it & these earbuds seem to be capable of the demands for subtle reflections & changes in timbre caused by the shape of a person’s ear. Designed in such a way so as it sits relatively deep in the ear with it’s around the ear design. Many more things are yet to be known for these earbuds & will let you know very soon, once we get to use those Ambeo Smart Surround Earbuds from Sennheiser.


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