Sennheiser’s Neckbuds With Leather Band Is The New Trend Now: As the World’s demanding stylish stuff, companies are trying to bring newer products with stylish looks for the newer generations. In this queue also lie the most renowned brand like Sennheiser also. With the CES 2017, it knocked at another addition for its In-ear wireless neck buds. Sennheiser is also trying to make the neck buds look more stylish & easy to handle with its firs ever pair out here with the model named HD 1 In-Ear Wireless.

Sennheiser’s Neckbuds With Leather Band Is The New Trend Now:

This model includes a band wrapped in a black leather having bright red stitching & black-red wirings to match the style of the Earbuds. Being Sennheiser the sound has always been step-up than the looks of its products & will probably be loved by such users who love to hear the real sound every time. These headphones being part of the Sennheiser’s Momentum Line-up, which has been trying to win customers who otherwise might have opted for the pair of another more stylish similar products.

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Sennheiser Neckbuds: HD 1 In-Ear Wireless

As these neck bands are much prettier than usually from Sennheiser, being sound a highlighting feature again over here. With this product, the brand promises for a non-stop music of around 10 hours with a better battery backed up & also the quick charging time of 1.5 hours also seems very optimized according to the demands of customers. If talked about the support, the band works over Bluetooth connectivity with aptX audio support & also including NFC for simpler & easier direct pairing with Android devices too.

The latest neckbud from Sennheiser also has a microphone & volume control buttons inbuilt within it for easy & smooth call answering another dedicated button is also built at the end of the band. Hopefully, these are getting launched this month itself & will be available for almost $199.95.


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