Apple May Debut 3 New iPad Model In Q2 As Said By KGI Analyst

Apple May Debut 3 New iPad Model In Q2 As Said By KGI Analyst
Apple May Debut 3 New iPad Model In Q2 As Said By KGI Analyst

Apple May Debut 3 New iPad Model In Q2 As Said By KGI Analyst: Apple iPad showing year over year decline in sales, Apple kept pushing iPad lineup by introducing innovative iPad in the market. Like recent iPad, Pro which has capabilities of a computer but iOS don’t allow to iPad full potential. May Apple introduces new iOS for iPad as a recent patent of the new interface of iPad shows that Apple is ready to fuse macOS and iOS in the same place by the help of iPad.

 iPad is always between iPhone and Mac device but it remains today itself as various another tablet now shifting their interface to full PC mode iPad still remains on its old style. Recent reports are also showing that Apple may introduce 3 new iPad lineups excluding Mini. As this report comes from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Quo who is a very renowned analyst for over years. He says that new iPad will feature 3 model with a difference in their screen sizes. As this iPad may revel in Q2 as Apple still in thinking that Which model gets which size.

iPad Pro Will Get More Model This Time

The 3 model may feature a bigger one 12.9-inch, 10-10.5-inch (still unclear) and 9.7-inch version. As we say that 12.9-inch will be supreme among all these with greater performance and better display. While iPad Pro 10-10.5-inch may follow the same pattern as bigger one with small form factor and 9.7-inch will get less among all these. As Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch which is still in a market is very pricey as compared with iPad Air 2 which causes Apple to get year by year decline. Both bigger model may introduce A10x Chipset and 9.7” will feature same iPhone 7 A10 Chipset as all these chips were manufactured by TSMC. Apple may also decline shipment of an iPad model in 2017 by 35-37mn which means that Apple may get narrow decline to 10% from 2016. iPad 10.5-10.9-inch may receive less shipment this year while a major focus on the smaller model which account about 50-60 % of the total shipment of new iPads.

Ming also said that the worst Apple decline may bet over as

Worst has passed for Apple’s iPad. This is due to: (1) the YoY shipment decline will narrow in 2017F versus 2016; (2) a better ASP thanks to improved product mix on decreasing exposure to iPad mini will likely offset the shipment decline; and (3) an improved cost structure due to an increasing number of suppliers of touch-module lamination and DDI.

Among DDI suppliers of the new iPad models, new entrant Samsung LSI (KR) is the biggest winner, while the shipment schedule and order allocation of new entrant Parade (4966 TT, NT$319.5, NR) will likely fall short of expectations due to quality issues…Samsung LSI & Parade to become new DDI suppliers for new iPad models, stemming Silicon Works’ monopoly. In terms of order allocation, Samsung LSI and Parade have the orders of 12.9” and 10-10.5” iPad models, while Samsung LSI and Silicon Works have the orders of low-priced 9.7” model.

So these are an expectation for the next iPad which may launch in Q2 of this year which may be on Apple WWDC 2017 event as they also held an event on March to introduce their new Mac lineup with some refresh edition.

Apple new plan may help them to become tablet king and regain market, while their iOS is still lacking behind many Windows counterparts as Apple can solve this problem with their recent iOS update which will release on WWDC 2017 June. Hope to see something interesting in Apple regime this time, so stay connected to Tech Awareness for more news and other queries.


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