iPhone 10th Anniversary: Happy Birthday: Today is the biggest day for smartphone industry as today, a decade ago a smartphone announce which revolutionizes the whole industry, we are talking no other than Apple’s iPhone. As today a decade ago Steve Jobs announces at Moscow Centre California, After since we have seen various iPhone come during this span and the latest one is iPhone 7.

iPhone is first multi-touch smartphone which allows a user to feel what they do on their phones, iPhone also breaks various barriers like carrier, storage, phone book, songs, apps and various other things which Apple introduce and its revolutionizes the industry.

iPhone becomes so popular smartphone in the world as it crosses 1 Billion Unit sales record which means so much for a device. iPhone is first smartphone lineup which crosses Decade as various smartphone companies try to maintain their lineup but it got it never crosses 10 years.

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iPhone has various interesting things add to its title like it Photo captures around the world is mostly taken from iPhone than any other devices which made Apple iSight Camera most beloved camera around the world. There are around millions of apps built exclusively for iPhone and thousand of add were added each day this strong community delivers really strong bond for iPhone life.

Talking about recent iPhone 7 which brings various things to iPhone like Dual Camera Setup, Dual Speakers. iPhone 7 brings various another improvement in Retinal Display as now it supports Wider color Gamut. iPhone 7 new Color are just amazing as people really love both these color.

iPhone 7 And Phone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 And Phone 7 Plus

While every iPhone event ends speculation of upcoming started and leaks of iPhone 8 is started before iPhone 7, as it represented 10th Edition iPhone so Apple made this product so revolutionary only time will tell. As from leaks iPhone may bring a various feature like OLED Display, Wireless Charing, Bigger iPhone and various other things are expected too.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also posted on this occasion that “Big Thing Is Yet To Come” which means lots for their fans as hope next iPhone will surely a great leap from a previous one and this time iPhone again revolutionize smartphone industry as they did years ago.


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