Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Expectation

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Leak
Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Expectation

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Expectation: Two smartphones expectation are known from years and you also know that yes it’s an iPhone and Galaxy, as these smartphones have tussle each and every year as they both bring new and awesome changes each and every year. While today we are here to say you more about Samsung new giant coming soon. It is the time of  year we leave CES and MCW is coming as this is the time which is most expected that Samsung will unveil their Smartphone. As rumors are showing the point on Late February. While it great time enjoy leak and expectation about a new upcoming product.

Upcoming Samsung S8 Design And Features:

As there are various rumor kept pacing about a design of new Galaxy as these designs are either made by fans or sources but we are here to give full out a pic of the device what will going to happen. As this not copied design or anythings else so enjoy new concept design let’s get started

Samsung Galaxy Design will get significant changes like Screen to body ratio now become more while device size still remains same, as this let Samsung increase size of Display. More display is more room to play with screen and edge to edge display feature also looks pretty cool.

More Edge as Samsung Galaxy 8 will become curvier as their Curve edition smartphone sell more than the normal one and Note 7 display is also curved no straight display which clearly a sign that Samsung will make the curve cooler while there is only one curve model in two difference sizes.

A more tougher material as Cornering Gorilla Glass 5 has arrived Samsung may put this to provide more strength to the device as when it drop they’ll no effect. As curve display made Display more fragile and prone to break this material will help the device.

Samsung also made some change in their camera module as Camera is a war from when smartphone launch and Apple and Samsung is way above all while recent Pixel shows its presence. They made some tweaks in flash and camera module, while it expected that Galaxy S8 may feature Dual Camera Setup to made a camera more immersive and it competitor will learn now.

A major decision on S8 is no home button as Screen to body ratio will increase which give a clear indication to Samsung to remove Home button, as this is finally going to happen. While Samsung also made on screen fingerprint sensor which really works nicely while it also acts as a home button. Force Touch may also introduce S8 as Android Nougat 7.1 has brought this feature Android device may use this feature should also love it.

New Port and No headphone jack as rumor suggest Industry finally removing Headphone jack from a smartphone as recent HTC U smartphone line doesn’t have as expected Samsung will also remove this hardware.

Color option of the Samsung may shift toward glossy color like more black or blue shades while Gold will are still here. Samsung also made some tough decisions on design and hope all these design changes will appear on the design, while until then stay with Tech Awareness as we get you informed about the Leaks and Lunch of the device.


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