iPhone 8 May Have Laser Sensor For Facial And Gesture Recognition
iPhone 8 May Have Laser Sensor For Facial And Gesture Recognition

Upcoming iPhone 8 Might Have Facial And Gesture Recognition Feature Using ‘Laser Sensor’: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 has already created so much excitement and it is believed that Apple will introduce forward thinking iPhone for its users. With many other new features about that we have looked, an interesting new feature could be added into the upcoming iPhone 8. As per the Business Insider report, an analyst Cowen’s Timothy Arcuri believes new front facing sensor with Facial and gesture recognition feature will be present in new iPhone. It could be one of the flagship features in Apple’s upcoming iPhone.

iPhone 8 May Have Laser Sensor For Facial And Gesture Recognition:

Arcuri further tells that upcoming iPhone will have a 5.8-inch model which will also feature OLED display, wireless charging, facial/gesture recognition feature which would be supported by laser sensor placed near the front facing camera and Touch ID integrated into the display.

Arcuri also mentioned that the new upcoming iPhone 8 will increase the number of shipments. The feature described by Arcuri will be completely new in the Apple’s device as that feature has not been used in any of the Apple’s devices. However, has used facial recognition through machine learning in its software including in photos.

It is also reported that new 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch models with increasing speed with OLED display might come. Possibly red color option could also be available. Changes are also planned for either a 5 inch or 5.8-inch model.

If all these rumors will going to prove true in upcoming iPhone 8, then Apple possibly could mark great success in its shipment. Apart from this, the rumors suggested that upcoming iPhone would have improved waterproofing, wireless charging, and sleek edgeless display.


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