Upcoming Samsung and LG Smartphone Flagship Will Feature To Include Thermal Pipes
Upcoming Samsung and LG Smartphone Flagship Will Feature To Include Thermal Pipes

Upcoming Samsung and LG Smartphone Flagship Will Feature To Include Thermal: Heat dissipation in a smartphone is one major issue for smartphone maker for a year as smartphone getting hot when user run the heavy task as there is various method were found in the industry like liquid cooling or Thermal Pipe and this works really to. Smartphone makers Samsung and LG are using thermal pipes in their upcoming smartphone in 2017 including their flagships. As thermal pipes were used in Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and this solution are good for heat dissipation on the smartphone. According to report from DigiTimes, both smartphone makers LG and Samsung will adopt this technology in their up flagship device the Galaxy S8 and G6.

Many smartphone makers were using thermal pipes from a year like Sony in their Xperia lineup but this topic comes in light when Samsung in their Galaxy S7 series then this become mainstream topic. As Microsoft uses other best technology liquid cooling in their smartphone Lumia 950 and 950 XL as both these smartphone perform better under heavy task condition. Samsung Galaxy S7 thermal pipes were very thinnest thermal pipe ever used in smartphones. Basically, this technology help device to remain cool with a porous structure on the inside lets the water absorb heat, then this heat turns into steam and moves it through pipes. After the heat dissipates, the steam liquefies and continues the process. So when your device starts getting this technology help your device stay cool.

As this process attract another smartphone maker LG to use in their upcoming LG G6. While according to a report of upcoming G6, LG will use heat pipes supplied by Furukawa Electric and Delta Electronics. As this also explain Lee Seok-jong’s statement from a week ago says that their upcoming smartphone is safer than previous devices.

While Samsung continues to use this technology while they also develop this tech more so they can give better performance to S8 as its Snapdragon 835 processor and gigantic RAM made the device hotter than previous one. DigiTimes claims that mass shipments of these heat pipe from Auras Technology and Chaun Choung Technology will begin in February, in time for the expected S8 unveiling in April.

So hope both these companies bring something new to this technology and we are eagerly waiting for upcoming Flagship from both of these companies.


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