LG Hope To Made More Innovative Product In 2017 After Their 70th Birthday

LG Hope To Made More Innovative Product In 2017 After Their 70th Birthday: It has around 70 years that company which thinks to make our Life’s Good yes we are talking about LG as you know this company as TV, Home Appliances Brand or Smartphone brand. LG started back in 1947 as a small plastics maker since then they won’t look back and now this South Korean giant have a place in our heart, as LG is a second largest conglomerate.

As it first rival Samsung gives this company head to head on each and every product lineup LG has been. However, LG in 2016 won’t able to create much difference as their unique modular concept won’t help a company to attract attention as it rival S7 made headlines everywhere.

On 70th Birthday LG Hope To Introduce Innovative Product:

While recent ad from LG showing that LG will make something big on the occasion their 70th Birthday, at an executive gathering in South Korea this week, LG chairman Koo Bon-moo told that they will overhaul their core businesses and find new drivers for growth are their highest priorities. As by recent leaks and peek we have seen that LG G6 will get a major overhaul after its predecessor G5.

Recent leaks are showing that LG will not approach to modular feature this time as they will make simple smartphone while they may opt Motorola modular feature which is better than this. LG second flagship V20 also won’t made any impact as this device is an answer to Samsung’s Note 7 while its recall made LG and Apple earn a little bit extra. V20 also not released worldwide yet, but its popularity won’t hype us too much.

Chairman Koo also made know that LG will focus on innovation on their upcoming smartphone which means AI will be must for LG as this year will include various AI with various companies around the world. While most recent AI release was HTC U device which made living with a device easier. Koo also made that their modular idea won’t count innovation this time.

LG may also feature OLED display with 4K display in G6 which made this device one of its kind as they are also displayed maker will help them to opt 4K. While recent Qualcomm announcement of Snapdragon 835 will boost this device to another level.

LG may also make innovation in their other core businesses like TV or Home appliances as this help to made a more smarter product around us. As recent CES event in Las Vegas shows we have to see more this year.


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