Snapdragon 835 Won’t Be Powering The LG G6 Anymore: Reason Being Samsung: As we have also told you earlier in the post regarding LG G6 Rumors, about the processor that would be powering the newcomer from LG may be the very latest from Qualcomm i.e Snapdragon 835. Many more specifications we have also talked about in the previous articles that the G6 is about to have. From all of them, the  Display i.e 5.7 inches QHD screen having a newer 18:9 aspect ratio is almost confirmed now. But as expected from a flagship device to be powering with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor is seemingly proving to be a wrong one.

Snapdragon 835 Won’t Be Powering The LG G6 Anymore:

According to some reports from Forbes’s Ben Sin, the LG’s newer phablet device will be coming up having the same chipset i.e Snapdragon 821 like the last year’s processor. Yes, you are hearing it correctly but according to an industry insider who had talked to the Forbes says that the Snapdragon 835 i.e the latest chipset from Qualcomm will be powering up the upcoming device from Samsung i.e Galaxy S8 for the very first. This seems quite very clear that Samsung has taken this chance as a fortunate luck this time & all other companies along with LG will have to wait for some more time to get the 835 chipsets.

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Snapdragon 835 In Or Out For: LG G6

According to sources, Samsung has planned announcement of its Galaxy S8 by the mid of April this year so rest of the companies may have to wait by that time & have to take the back seat for now. History also suggests that both these companies, Samsung & Qualcomm also have a very close business relationship so it would not be a shocking factor that the new Snapdragon 835 chips will be manufactured by Samsung by Qualcomm other than making chips for other companies.

The South Korean company i.e LG actually doesn’t have any choice left for now other than using the earlier chipset or delaying its G6 launch, which the company would not like to do at all as they have already sent media invites for an event on 26th of Feb in Barcelona. Although this news about the unavailability of the Snapdragon 835 for LG is still a rumor till now as it has yet not been confirmed by the company but a day before the MWC officially kicks off, LG may announce its G6 & that will be clearing up all the things there itself.


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