Flexible LCD Display May Come To Prevent Cracking In Screen: Flexible display in smartphones is a great idea as it prevents your phone’s screen from breaking after dropping your device. It is important because we often have to face situations when sometimes accidentally our phone drops if the flexible display will be present in devices then cracking of screen, would be prevented.

There are so many reports that claims smartphones may have the flexible display. Last year it was heard that Samsung, to create foldable screen had a program named as Project Valley. Likewise, KG had the rollable 18-inch display and Xiaomi had also bendable screen concept.

Flexible Screen Solution For Crack In Screen:

Currently, in Samsung Galaxy Edge series, a flexible OLED screen is present. However, the manufacturing of these flexible screens is much costlier as compared to LCDs.

Now, according to Japan Display Inc. which supplies parts to Apple said it is developed Full Active Flex LCD screens in which plastic substrate is present instead of glass, this plastic substrate will allow the screen to bend easily.

As per the Japan Display Inc. use of flexible plastic rather than glass will prevent the screen from breaking. If in case that screen will not be flexible enough to roll up, it will be at least expected that these flexible screens will be used in smartphones that have rounded side, as in Samsung Galaxy Edge and Galaxy S series.

The company also going to ensure that its new screen can be able to run on an LCD driving scheme of 15Hz rather than 60Hz driving scheme, this will allow lower power consumption for some applications.

Japan Display said to Wall Street Journal in 2018, it plans to start mass production of these screens. So in next few years, we can surely see these screens in some new smartphones. It was also noted by sources of WSJ that Apple is also considering on using these flexible screens in future iPhones.if Apple uses these screens in iPhones then it will be a good news for Apple lovers.


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