An “Easy Mode” Is Added In Super Mario Run Update

Supermario Run on iOS vs Pokemon Go
Supermario Run on iOS

An “Easy Mode” Is Added In Super Mario Run Update: An update for one of the most famous games Super Mario Run has come by Nintendo. This update brings “easy mode” and also includes so many features and bug fixes. The newly added “easy mode” turns off time limits to complete a level and provide players unlimited retries with unlimited bubbles, so now the player infinite time to complete a course.

Easy Mode In Super Mario:

With the update, the company also announced that from the time of its release, Super Mario Run has been downloaded 78 million times around the world. Nintendo also said that from all the users “more than 5 percent” has paid full $10 price to unlock all the levels in the game which gave $53 million revenue to the company. This amount is Fairly good for this game.

Nintendo surveying some customers just after few days after the launch of the game and asked about the opinions of them related to the cost of the game and about the sequel of the game. A report of The Wall Street Journal said, Nintendo’s decision to unlock the levels of the game after the payment of  $10, satisfied some gamers.

Views of some users are also in favor of Nintendo as they appreciate the idea to unlock all the levels by paying $10 as compared to paying $1 or $2 for some of the functions.

So if you haven’t downloaded the game, you can download Super Mario Run from the iOS App Store which is free to download but requires $9.99 to unlock further levels in the game.


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