Apple Watch 3 May Have Charger Module Which Can Transmit & Receive Power

Apple Patent For Modular Strap For Apple Watch, Apple Watch 3 Features
Apple Patent For Modular Strap For Apple Watch

Apple Watch 3 May Have Charger Module Which Can Transmit & Receive Power: Soon possibly Apple is going to develop a wearable battery module which can charge Apple watch while wearing it.  It is said by in a patent published on Thursday. Under the title “Charging apparatus for wearable electronic device”, U.S. Patent and trademark office released the details which reveal the invention. Apple’s present watch magnetic charging cable have an inductive element which transmits power, the same inductive element will be present in modules which transmit power to the smartwatch. This charging module may have one or more conductors, and batteries connected to that conductors.

Patent Shows Charging Module For Transmit And Receive Power:

In the patent, two embodiments are described. A  wristband embedded with charger is shown in the first one and in second a separate module is shown that is present underneath the watch chassis.

The wearing charger module has induction component which can transmit power and can receive power as well. Apple is also considering that the module should be comfortable to wear for the users. So to make sure the module would not have any discomfort Apple also proposes the use of heat –dissipating circuit.

This wearable module is manufactured by Taiwan base company – Quanta. So for the Quanta, it is the responsibility to provide an improved battery life in the next Apple Watch.

Apple is also considering that thinness of series 2 design would not get affected by battery life. Apple is also looking for an opportunity to integrate sleep tracking features and heart rate tracking features into its next WatchOS.


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