Apple Pencil 2 Rumors
Apple Pencil 2 Rumored To Launch In March With New iPad Pro

Apple Has Great Lineup Ahead For iPad Coming This Year: This new year finally brings rejoice for Apple as they coup up their earning this year after last year, quarter-over-quarter decline as Apple finally made their money in the holiday season and broke again their previous year record. As recent selling create a record for Apple newest iPhone 7 which made approx 60% of total earning in which iPhone 7 Plus is a most popular model and also iPhone 7 Plus is the first Plus model to become this much popular.

Despite these Apple still facing their product line of iPad as they still receive year over year decline despite Apple recent iPad Pro venture. Apple has sold over 13.1 million iPad in the first quarter which encompasses the holiday shopping season, which was 16 million the last year. Apple has lost over half of iPad sale as compared they earned in 2013 in which they sell over 26 million iPad.

As this is surely happening because of least interest of people in tablets as Smartphone like phablet has taken place of recent tablet which made tablet to suffer. While Microsoft swipe concept Notebook also hampers this like 2 in 1 Notebook with Touch feature. Tablet industry has faced around 9% to 20% worldwide as compared to the same quarter a tear ago. 2 in 1 also made tablet lineup to suffer so this industry has fallen pretty fast.

Price is key factor for Apple and that why people bug this high-end tablet, while iPad Pro is too costly for many people who intent to buy tablet, while as compared to functionality to price ratio iPad Pro will get only about 3-5 point in 10 because there are no app are made to give full functionality of iPad.

iPad Pro 2 Will Feature More Functionality

A Smaller vendor like Lenovo which sell low-cost tablet has seen year over year sales increase which made them to shipped around 4.2 million and grew over 21% which is really good for the low-cost industry.

IDC said that iPad Air 2 and iPad mini rather than the iPad Pro lineup, continued to account for the majority of Apple tablet shipments. For every ten sale table shipped Apple sell one iPad Pro model which made Apple to this made their product for common reach. Apple does not officially break out iPad sales on a model-by-model basis. Even in the holiday season, people has the least interest in this Apple product lineup.

Apple also said the iPad has an 85% share of the US tablet market priced above $200, which made Apple think they can produce better output in future. iPad still is the king of the tablet either by design or performance no one can stand between this iPad because of its fantastic performance.

Samsung was Apple’s closest competitor in each section of Apple recent tablet was made Samsung have 12.8% of market share as they shipped over 8.1 million this quarter. While other companies like Lenovo, Huawei and amazon have another rounded figure.

While despite all these depressing results Apple CEO Tim Cook is still in favor to made iPad next gen iPad more great as he quoted “We’ve got some exciting things coming on iPad and I’m optimistic about where things are headed,”. Despite these, this customer satisfaction of iPad is around 99% which is the only fact Apple is thinking of iPad to be greater as this made a brand really a brand.

Hope next gen iPad Pro will have a more Mac-like feature which made iPad Pro really more usable device than drawing pad like now. You may interest what is Apple is up to in their upcoming iPad to stay tuned to us for.


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