Windows 10 Creators Update Feature Are Now Completed Bug Fixing Started: Microsoft newest Windows Update “Creators Update” is now finally complete with its feature. Microsoft is behind this project before Anniversary update and finally, this update is becoming reality. Microsoft yet not announce their event regarding Creator’s update feature announcement as for how they future improve Windows 10 after October event. Microsoft today confirmed in its Windows Developer Day live stream that the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK is feature complete, and they are behind the bug fixing.

Bug fixing time is a very crucial period for developers as this moment decides whether update suits current Software or not. As the failure of bug fixing leads to major changes. Microsoft has recently locked some feature in creator update as they’ll release all those features when available for general public. Microsoft puts more pressure on their software developers to ensure smooth release on launch day as yet company decide whether they update Windows 10 on which date or them also not announced any event yet.

Creators Update Bug Fixing Started

It is possible that we may see a couple smaller features or changes show up in insider builds before sign off in a couple of months, but that feature may be locked or future Windows releases like ReadStone 3 or Redstone 4. Microsoft may release two updates this year which include recent Creators Update or Redstone 2 and Redstone 3. The newest feature like People HUB or Paint Apps and 3D design help to attract creators toward Windows platform. While some feature were taken from macOS while recent design changes may bring Blur background and accent color to windows platform as like Apple macOS. People Hub isn’t more useful feature because it still requires people details like an E-mail address or various other account Microsoft hasn’t figure out feature to connect two different Windows User each other with some interesting sharing feature.

Developers can already download the feature complete SDK from Windows insider site. We are excited for Windows to bring some awesome feature when this update arrives.


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