Windows Phone Is Still Holding Sliver Spot In Some Markets: Even though we think Windows Phone are dead reports aren’t showing their death proof as recent Kantar analysts show Windows Phone are still in demand even though Microsoft admits that their system hasn’t comparison with other platforms. Kantar has released its latest monthly reports on the smartphone market, this time covering 3 month period ending in Dec 2016. Microsoft still holds silver spot in the smartphone market shred with pie compared to its rival. As Apple recent growth and Android drop in US market reports seeing much more possibilities for Microsoft smartphones.

Microsoft has not released any smartphone this year which made Windows user more disappoint for this reaction of Microsoft toward Windows phone platform. Microsoft still not releasing their flagship to market, while Microsoft Surface Phone which was rumored for years still we haven’t got any sign of it.

Kantar Report On Feb 2017 of Smartphone
Kantar Report On Feb 2017 of Smartphone

Is Windows Phone Dead

Overall, Windows Phone is down almost across the board compared to the same period in 2015. Across the 5 EU countries in the report including GB, Germany, France, Italy and Spain Windows Phones Share dropped to 2.6% down from 7.6% in 2015. As this much low market share should affect Microsoft to close this industry. Windows Phone hold around 0.8% in World’s greatest market the US which is down from 0.8%. China and Japan which has new opportunities for Windows platform are also losing this time with 1% below, while Australia came in at 1.9%, down by 4.4% compared to the same period last year.

Windows user feels cheated by this issue as earlier there are less app on Windows Store now there is a crisis of Smartphone made Windows surviving. The main question is arising, is Windows Phone survive or not.

Market share is showing people reaction on Windows as their blunt decision on a new smartphone, as another vendor like HP and Alcatel has released smartphone but they won’t match Microsoft quality. Lumia is a thing which people loved more than any other while Nokia also released their new smartphone to market like Nokia 6 which is the first smartphone after Microsoft bought Nokia. Other platforms are attracting Windows user too much including iOS and Android, if Windows hasn’t released any new smartphone they’ll dead soon.


  1. This article does point out some interesting facts.

    Windows still work for those using the phones. I have the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and bought it primarily for the camera, which is great when compared to the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. I’ve taken pictures in the dark, at night, on the beach and inside buildings and when compared to my friend’s Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7; mine come out better and they agree. The app gap exists (with video games like Super Mario Run, Pokémon, etc.), but as far as bank apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; I use the websites via Edge browser.

    The rumored Microsoft Surface Phone needs to be a powerful 8 inch PC in your pocket with full Windows 10 Professional, or they may suffer the same fate of small niche.


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