Kodi Player Will Now Gain UWP Capabilities Soon: Apps in Windows store are expected to be limited but a recent interest of developers toward Windows platform is growing day by day as some revolutionary changes in Visual Studio which made an app in windows pretty ease. Now the developer can build one app and you can run an app in each windows devices while recent porting for developer allow them to stick to Windows platform.

Windows most popular media center app Kodi is a popular open source app derived from the old Xbox Media Center and it’s coming back to Xbox in the near future. App has got a pretty decent update in its capabilities with some design changes. Announced at the Windows Developer Day Event(via Neowin) the nonprofit XBMC foundation announced that it is working on a Universal Windows Platform version of Kodi, allowing it to return to Xbox.

Kodi Player Now Coming To Windows Environment

The app is currently available for Windows PCs as a Win32 program while recent 64bit capability may lure this app to advance its capability,  and is available from the Windows 10 Store via the desktop app converter. There are some fairly complex methods of getting Kodi working on Xbox One already, but it won’t beat a native app.

Kodi hasn’t given us any date of UWP app when it will launch on Windows Store, while some other UWP features like support for Windows Phone or Halo lens are still unclear. While talking about the app is a really good Media player in Windows platform with some pretty good stuff.

You can download Kody player from Windows Store directly for free. Hope you’ll like this app and see you in our next article until then good day.


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