Apple’s BeatsX Headphone Is Finally Here: Apple’s another smart headphone is finally here after so much delay, Apple’s Beasts X wireless earphones which are stylized as Beats and smart by Apple. This headphone feature Apple W1 chip which you may hear in Apple iPhone 7 event on last September. W1 chip provides many great features like multiple device connections, smart headphone gesture and various other things you can’t imagine. The device is continuously connected with your Apple device which has same Apple ID so you need not connect all those devices separately.

You can find this device on is quoting short shipping times for the black and white BeatsX with delivery for Valentine’s Day. Apple’s website is also selling Beats X in Grey and Blue color with longer 2-3 week wait times. As headphone are really amazing by functionality or looks, Apple newest chips add more than feature we ever expect from a simple headphone. BeatsX also has a great battery life which made this headphone of choice, as it can withstand up to 8 hours of continuous usage and 5min of charging gives 2hour of additional playback while full charging of device is about 45min.

BeatsX earphone is truly a wireless headphone like Apple AirPods while there is cord which connects both bud help to give more strength to a device.

BeatsX is unique in Apple’s audio lineup as its features nice design with an adjustable neckband. This device is charged with a Lightning connector which made Apple cord more usage rather than charging iProducts, Apple also includes this feature to various another device including another headphone in their lineup with some more device.

Apple expected to launch this device during fall but somehow they fail to manage to launch the product. Apple newest AirPods also facing shipment issue as product sales out really soon as expected but this lineup may help Apple to regain their AirPods. BeatsX are available for $149.95 (compared to $159 for AirPods) from


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