LG Is Making The G6 More Mysterious In Terms of AI Assistant: As we all must be knowing that the LG G6 is about to have some kind of AI Assitant on it, which can be from the two i.e. Google Assistant or the Amazon Alexa. Everywhere the hot topic around is that what will be the AI Assistant with LG’s next i.e. G6. According to reports, it may be from these two but LG has just made it more surprising by sending out a mysterious teaser specifically for the G6. The teaser shows that the G6 will be announced at the MWC event on Feb, 26 as well as it also seemingly hints about having a brand new AI with it.

LG Is Making The G6 More Mysterious In Terms of AI Assistant:

The latest G6 teaser also tells us that the G6 will be a next generation smartphone & will be very much standard. Also, it will be brought to us all by LG itself for the very first time – teaser hints. So the above report’s expectations of having a Google or Alexa Assistant is not coming true with this hint as the Google Assistant is already out with the Pixels while the Alexa is supposedly coming along with the Huawei Mate 9.

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LG G6: Arriving Soon

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Some sources also say that maybe LG bringing up the Google Assistant itself so as to be the first in the market to launch the AI with first Non-Google Phone. LG is apparently also planning to bring the Amazon’s Digital Assistant with the device but sometimes later. Another way leads up to think that the G6 may have both the Assistants on board & that might be a competitive advantage for LG too. As also talked earlier that LG is already not getting its demanding processor i.e. Snapdragon 835 so by having both the Assistants it would have some advantage over the other devices by other companies.


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