iPhone 8 Production Started Way Earlier Than Expected

iPhone 8 Production Started Way Earlier Than Expected
iPhone 8 Production Started Way Earlier Than Expected

iPhone 8 Production Started Way Earlier Than Expected: After massing success in sales last Quarter Apple is keep rising expectation of fans as they finally started iPhone 8 production earlier than usual. Apple is focusing on Plus model rather than smaller one with some extra feature like Camera and various other stuff. A new supply chain report from DigiTimes claims Apple is shifting iPhone 8 production up earlier than usual for the company. The report also suggests that Apple is bringing some really cool tech to their smartphone like Wireless Charging and Iris Scanner.

Apple is making some vast improvement in iPhone that ever been seen yet as this product line mean so much for Apple and this anniversary iPhone is no perfect time to prove it. Apple is made some basic change in names as rumors pointing toward new name as iPhone X which represents 10th iPhone in a row. Apple has requested its chip and components suppliers start trial production, inspection and prepare inventories for the new iPhone series earlier than usual. The supplier will deliver chip and part for the new iPhone in the second half of first quarter 2017, as sources said. Apple will launch iPhone 8 in their September timeframe and it will become remarkable day. Apple is ramping up the production because of iPhone 8 or X sensation in public, so Apple can easily deliver iPhone to a user within time.

iPhone 8 Is Becoming Reality

Some interesting leaks which came out during this month are Apple will increase iPhone cost to about $1000 which is bigger price jumps than expected. As from the sources tell that Apple is upgrading 3D touch of iPhone which made this price increase as production cost of the device will increase. Apple will also bring some interesting feature to iPhone 8 which include Wireless Charging, Iris Scanner, Glass Body, Better Design and Much more than expected. While biggest one is the name as this phone will represent Apple history and future and how user loves this and how Apple loves user.

Fast Company specifically named Lumentum earlier this week as one firm supplying a new laser sensor for the upcoming iPhone which could be used for depth perception with Apple’s new biometric security technology. Apple will introduce iPhone in 3 model and all three will include wireless charging option.

Apple will make interesting changes to iPhone as time will tell that how Apple will think to improve their Smartphone. So for more news and leaks stay connected with us.


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