Apple New Patent Suggesting Upcoming iPhone Without Home Button: Soon you will see the iPhone without the Home button. A new version of iPhone would not have home button as described in a new report. A new Apple patent suggested that the upcoming iPhone may use fingerprint sensor placed beneath the glass of the touchscreen to operate the device instead of having the traditional home button. The home button has currently occupied the space below the screen of iPhone.

Biometric Touch ID May Work On-Screen

In upcoming iPhone, Apple would use “interactive display panel with IR diodes” below the touchscreen which will enable the device to work on touching the screen. Home button in iPhone is the main point through which we navigate the device from the beginning of the history of iPhone.

In 2013, Apple introduced Touch ID in iPhone 5s which is a fingerprint security sensor. It was the first time when rumors of removing home button were started to spread. In current iPhone touch ID sensor is embedded into the home button.

In 2015, Apple had filed for a patent to place the Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the touchscreen so that there would not be any need for having the home button on the device.

As we all know that  Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of iPhone in 2017 so it is expected that Apple is going to make so many changes in the next iPhone to make it different from its rest of the devices.

From the different changes that are believed to be in upcoming iPhone, elimination of home button is the most talking rumor. Apart from this, it is also expected that the new iPhone will have curved edge display with glass and steel body, wireless charging, improve water resistance and much more.


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