Leaked Samsung App May Have Confirmed The Galaxy S8 Design: The hottest news around the internet about Samsung is making noise for none other than the upcoming Samsung S8. Samsung’s secure folder app leaked images i.e most probably for the Samsung S7 is the new sensation nowadays over the internet. Although we have already talked a lot about the expectations & upcoming features with the S8, but yet this one brings us closer to the rumored design of the smartphone.

Through the leaked image showing a fingerprint security protecting a particular folder containing apps & the valuable contacts, Samsung has not only showed up with its features but also somewhat it has revealed the design for the Samsung’s upcoming S8.

Leaked Samsung App May Have Confirmed The Galaxy S8 Design:

About the design expected with the upcoming from Samsung, we had also talked in the previous post i.e Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Expectation. But as now the leaked image itself has shown up for the expected design of the S8 having a buttonless design meeting the expectations of the sources. It will be also seen with much-reduced bezels thus giving much screen to body ratio with a full edge to edge display for the users to have fun.

You can also refer with the Expectations from Samsung Galaxy S8 at a glance from our earlier article. It is the very first time since we have seen such revealing leaked images & that too from an officially close Samsung source.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Additional Fingerprint Security For Specific Folder

The purpose of the leaked image as seems to be having a fingerprint security feature for a specific folder containing applications indicates the plans of the company which is most expected to be launching sometimes by the end of March & for sure we are going to find some more surprising, exciting features that will be adding up to the new sensation from Samsung i.e. The Galaxy S8. So keep in touch for some more latest updates with the Smartphone world only on techawarness.


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