Apple Has Its Own Redesigned Fingerprint Touch ID For iPhone 8: As it is said from past few months that Apple’s next iPhone 8 might have a virtual home button that will be integrated into the display. For this, Touch ID into the OLED screen has to be integrated which will work on the fingerprint sensor.

To solve this problem Apple found a way. A new report released on Friday stated that for its upcoming iPhone with OLED display, Apple is going to have its own fingerprint ID technology. Apple is using its own Authentic algorithm and Privaris glass identification technology to make a new fingerprint ID solution for its upcoming iPhone 8 after ignoring both Synaptics Natural ID touch fingerprint sensor and Qualcomm’s sense ID fingerprint technology.

Apple Uses Its Own Authentic Algorithm For Fingerprint ID Sensor:

Cupertino acquired Authentec in 2012 while Apple bought Privaris in June 2015. Apple acquires the majority of the fingerprint patent portfolio from Privaris. Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology of Apple came from AuthenTec and Privaris.

Because of the new redesign fingerprint Touch ID solution, Apple’s upcoming OLED iPhone will be available from September only. As said by a source, Apple’s own developed fingerprint ID solution will be fabricated at TSMC’s 12-inch line by using of 65nm technology.

Before it was assumed that Apple is going to launch its new iPhone in June, but now Apple is working on manufacturing issues and try to deliver best in its product as we all know Apple is famous for its high-quality devices.

According to DigiTimes, apart from iPhone 8, Apple is also going to produce its other two smartphones which will have LCD display. these two new smartphones will be in “S” cycle iPhones. These smartphones will be rumored to be launch with the iPhone 8 on the occasion of its tenth anniversary this year.

Other features that upcoming iPhone 8 might have which will make it different from the rest is that iPhone 8 will use “biometric authentication system such as ultrasound”. Facial recognition and iris scanning technologies also rumored to be present in iPhone 8. Apart from improved water and dust resistance, wireless charging and a glass body is also another fascinating feature that iPhone might have. An edge-to-edge display without any bezel will also be one of the new features in iPhone 8.


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