Apple Watch 3 Leaks And Rumors Related to Design & Features

Apple Watch 3 Leaks And Rumors Related to Design & Features & Price
Apple Watch 3 Leaks And Rumors Related to Design & Features

Apple Watch 3 Leaks And Rumors Related to Design & Features: For the one’s  who are fond of Apple’s watch, there is a news related with the same as Apple is going to work on its third generation smartwatch. Apple watch 3 may come with the changes in its design according to rumors. Third generation smartwatch may also feature with the smart band and a camera.

Reports suggesting that Apple watch 3 may come with a micro-LED screen. For devices such as smartwatches and smartphones which run on low energy, micro-LEDs are best suited. Micro-LED offers fewer energy requirements in comparison to conventional LCDs as well as it provides higher brightness than OLEDs screen.

Expected Features And Launch Date Of Apple Watch 3:

The company has also filed a new patent which has fabric wristband designed which will show the time and simple notifications. Apart from this, the new Apple watch might have a smart band.

Front facing the camera for selfies and FaceTime:

Another interesting feature that Apple watches 3 may have is the camera, it is rumored that Apple is going to add a camera in the Apple watch 3 so that you can take your best pictures and make facetime calls. Although, there is no reported claiming the change in the size and shape of the watch. Its size may remain 1.65 inches. New colors however added in the line-up.

Battery Life In Upcoming Apple Smartwatch:

If we are talking about the battery life, it is said that upcoming watch will have to improve battery. As per the report of Chines-language Economic Daily news that Quanta will have the responsibility to manufacture Watch 3. Apple’s first and second generation Watch was also manufactured by Quanta.  Quanta’s main focus is to manufacture Apple Watch 3 with improved battery life said to the newspaper.

Apart from this, the report also suggests that there will not be any major hardware changes in the upcoming smartwatch that will be going to come in future. It is expected that Apple Watch 3 may be launch in September, along with the upcoming iPhone 8 in this year.

Apple Watch sales in Q4:

Talking about the sales of Apple’s previously launched smartwatch, data reveals that Watch Series 1 and Series 2 have sold well. A research firm IDC shows a data which claims that in the fourth quarter of 2016 Apple shipped approximately about 4.6 million watches which was the “best quarter ever” for the Apple.


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