Biggest Update Of Windows 10 With Some Features Removal: Microsoft has done the biggest update to windows 10 yet that add new features to it. With the addition of new features such as Game Mode, Edge improvement and expanding of Cortana’s function it also removes some of the features that were significant to them.

BetaNews has released a report that includes both removed and deprecated features in windows 10 creators update. Significant changes that made in windows 10 are important for the users. I think they must be aware of it so that they would not face any problem related with that. 

List of features that are removed from windows 10 creators update:

  • In TLS, Next Protocol Negotiation Support is no longer available. To replace it Application Protocol Level Navigation (APLN) is available.

  • Microsoft paint extended language support is no more available.

  • Flash autorun in Edge –Open Microsoft’s loved browser and after the update, Flash will turn off by default like Chrome. However, it can be enabled again manually in case of Flash is crucial to any sites that are visited frequently.

  • Microsoft before update had Interactive Service Detection Service-this works with legacy programs in order to detect when a service tries to interact with the desktop.

  • Microsoft also updates the Windows mobile which is a good step so both mobile and PC versions of Windows now move to the Unified Update Server Platform (UUP).

Features that are Deprecated from the windows 10 creators update:

  • Reading list- it is a feature which allows you to save articles for later, offline reading. You can replace this feature with any other third party services.

  • Apps corner – it is a part of Windows mobile user’s arsenal, by using this feature you can enable start screens to be set for guest users and you can restrict guest access only to certain apps.

  •  COSA database replaced the App database.xml. As per the report of BetaNews, “some constructs such as Hardware ID, incoming SMS rules in mobile apps, auto connect order, APN parser, and CDMA provider ID will going to be removed and no longer be available in function”.

  • Tile Data Layer which records the default apps, programs, and tile for start menu.

  • TCP Chimney which is used to transfer the worked from the CPU to a network during network data transfer.

  • IPsec task offload which is a CPU saver and pushed certain resources heavy work to the network adapter.

We can say here that some features that are removed could prove good as in some of them a superior service is available to replace that and some are like that it was not used widely.  There is nothing to disappoint as Microsoft surely will provide a better update to all the features.


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