Microsoft Added Ads In Window 10 A Big Change In Windows 10: So much big changes have done in Windows 10 by Microsoft. Putting Ads in Windows 10 File Explorer is one of the changes that are introduced in Windows 10.  In these ads, the company is seeking to promote its services within Windows. In these ads, we can see the company is showing its offer about OneDrive cloud storage which is built into Windows 10 and attached with Microsoft account.

Ads On Microsoft Window 10:

In OneDrive cloud we have provided 5GB storage space free. But if you want extra space, 1TB space will be provided after paying the charges of $6.99 per month. So if you need extra storage space in OneDrive cloud it may be a good deal for you.

Microsoft Added Ads In Windows 10 A Big Change In Windows 10
Microsoft Added Ads In Windows 10

However, these ads in File Explorer in Windows 10 are meant to give information so that users can be aware of services provided by Microsoft. You can see this ad on top of File Explorer after opening Windows.

The good thing about these ads is if you are not interested in the offer you can simply dismiss it. Microsoft has made this type of ad into the Windows earlier also. That were lock screen ads, notification ads for the edge, and pop-up ads. So to disable this pop-up, go to View > Options in File Explorer. Scroll down and just turn off the option for “Show sync provider notifications”.


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