Project Scorpio – A New Console Of Microsoft To Enhance Xbox And 1080P TV Graphics: A new report from Windows Central Microsoft is all set with its upcoming Project Scorpio game console. It is completely new console made by the company. This console is basically meant for providing enough power to 4K gaming. This Project Scorpio seems to have more powerful specs and features. Those games that are updated or built for 4K gaming with 1080p TVs will have the benefit of having improved image quality as compared to a standard Xbox One.

New Console Of Microsoft To Enhance Xbox And 1080P TV:

Windows central claims that this will be powerful console ever having 6 teraflops of graphical processing power. Some expected features in Project Scorpio are including that this would also be the first console to enable 4K gaming with Blue-ray player on 4K displays and supports HDMI 2.0a. It will have wide color Gamut and HDR. This would be compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories.

Another good feature in project Scorpio is for the games that are not updated to support 4K, Project Scorpio has an extra powerhouse that will enable the game to run automatically. 1080p games will also have benefit from Project Scorpio as it will support supersampling technology. This will provide games a sharpness and clean textures.

Project Scorpio will launch with Shader Model 6 (SM6) and Shader compiler improvements for both Xbox One and project Scorpio. SM6 is an API which creates shading that will improve the console’s efficiency.

The exact date of release of Project Scorpio is not declared yet. It is expected that it will be release on Holiday 2017. The release date might be announced in June 2017. However, a product page for Scorpio is available on Microsoft store but it can’t be pre-order right now.


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