Microsoft Upcoming Surface Phone May Delay Till 2019: Microsoft’s upcoming surface phone which is most talk about the product among its fan. The surface phone will flourish with many new features. As Microsoft is not so much talking about its upcoming Surface phone it seems Microsoft has great plans and it would give a big surprise on its launch. It is expecting that Surface phone will be successful like the Surface Book, Surface Pro, and the Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Phone Schedule To 2019:

However, its release date is not known but it is expecting that it will be available in 2019. According to a report from Germany’s Windows United, Microsoft is developing a Windows 10 smartphone naming as a Surface phone. The Surface phone will have the PC features in it. It will have Windows 10 ARM chips. It will also have a C shell adaptive UI so that the device will be compatible with other display media and input devices without any problem. This Surface phone is considering as the game changer for the Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Phone Leaks
Microsoft Surface Phone Leaks

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Microsoft wants to be sure that its new mobile will have all good features and it will be a successful device in the market and like to its fan. So it seems that the Surface phone will not go to be launch until 2018. Microsoft wants an effective comeback in the mobile market. Microsoft does not want to have any issues in its device might it be the reason for its delay. I think Microsoft wants to launch a perfect device to give a tough competition to other smartphone manufacturers.

DrWindows and another German source say that Microsoft can still wait until 2019 before launching its Surface phone. Microsoft may need more time to complete the development of much-awaited phone. The company might need more time to integrate Windows 10 ARM chip, and Windows 10 Cloud so that it can make its smartphone a PC form.

If the Surface phone launch in 2019, it will have iPhone 9 as a rival. it is expecting that in 2018, Apple will launch iPhone 8s as the line up of iPhone 8 which is going to be launch in this year.


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