iPhone 7 Plus: Perfect Feature Proof iPhone Ever: It’s about five months as Apple release their new flagship known as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. As both these phones share some common design with last year flagships iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, While Apple has put some change in both design and internals. iPhone 7 Plus become most popular flagship this compared with Samsung Note 7 or S7 and other flagships, While Pixel takes some edge from, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in terms of Display, Battery, and Camera. As Pixel has rated highest DxO mark in smartphone comparison, as Apple new iPhone 7 camera fades in front of Pixel while iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera has some cool feature which made this device above all other flagships.

Talking more about iPhone 7 Plus it has better Camera Effect than iPhone 7 with Portrait mode, nice design, better display, larger battery and more RAM. These are the changes you’ll find iPhone 7 Plus while comparing interface both devices perform same while some landscape feature is available in iPhone 7 Plus which you’ll not find on iPhone 7. I have been using this device for a month and I really like this device while I am also using Pixel XL comparing both this device I will prefer Pixel XL over iPhone 7 while iPhone 7 Plus has its class with a camera and battery life.

Most preferable color in iPhone 7 Plus is Matt black as its looks stunning while using and when you use the device for long you will surely like it. Even thought this device looks as a replica of iPhone 6s but from inside, color option and design made this device somewhat different.

iPhone 7 Plus With Waterproofing, Dual Speaker & More:


iPhone 7 Plus follows the same design pattern of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus while there are design tweaks here and there which made this device looks, even more, better than predecessors. The new Dual Camera and slimmer antenna bands this times looks more open and stunning, while Color like Jet Black and Matt black open the whole look of this device. The main attraction of device is the new Dual Camera Bump as it looks like the device is ready to shoot the image and you can capture is anytime and nay light situation.

Front iPhone 7 Plus
Front iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus received new camera bulge has something new adds to its design elements and overall design looks nicer. Apple also bump up camera as Megapixel of device remain same with 12MP while Aperture now change to f/1.8 while another camera is also 12MP with f/2.8 aperture, camera also receive new flash as now flash become twice more bright as now there are 4 LED is placed on the device, front facing camera also get bump to 7MP with the same configuration.

Antenna band in iPhone 7 Plus also changes as new antenna band has curved shape which looks nicer than the previous version. New TouchID button also received change with the hard button as this button won’t act as a physical button but new haptic feedback requires time to use too. Headpiece on the top also become bigger as Apple introduce new dual speaker setup.

iPhone 7 Plus Design
iPhone 7 Plus Design

Talking about dimension 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm while weighing about 188 g. While the weight of this device is little heavy but using this device and comparing with other its Ok. Apple uses same Aluminium 7000 series same used in aircraft industry which provide this beauty a hard and light touch.

Color availability of iPhone now become more awesome than any other brands as it includes two new colors Jet Black, Matt Black while other remains same as Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver.


Apple made the display of new iPhone 7 Plus more vivid and colorful than ever as this display meet the cinema standard display. While comparing this device with other like Galaxy S7 or Pixel there is some disappointment but how Apple put forward LCD display and made this so good is the best part of it. Using iPhone for daily use won’t feel any difference but watching movies with rich and sharp picture will make difference.

iPhone 7 Plus Display
iPhone 7 Plus Display

Talking about technology Apple uses same Retinal Display which they use in earlier display, in addition, they use LCD Panel with IPS. Resolution size also remains same of new iPhone 7 Plus with 1920×1080 with around 401 ppi. While Display size of the device is the same 5.5-inch as previous with same form factor, as this display is is good for content consumption and reading some things and iPhone 7 Plus is good at these things.

Apple also increases nits or brightness of display which made display glow around 701 nits in an auto brightness mode and watching display in full sunlight details are still looks good. Color Contrast and Wider Color Gamut really play good trick to made this display more wonderful than ever watching the picture with great details, capturing photos also look good and nice.

Display of iPhone 7 Plus also uses same 3D Touch technology which becomes more useful after the release of iOS 10 as some widgets made easier to watch detail of the App without getting into the app.

The screen also gets extra protection layer Ion-strengthened glass on iPhone 7 is made using a special dual ion‑exchange process, which makes it stronger at a molecular level and the most durable in the Smartphone industry.


This part of iPhone 7 Plus become world renowned as it first Apple smartphone that ruled all the benchmark in the smartphone industry. There are many comparisons of iPhone with Google Pixel, Galaxy S7 or HTC 10 and many other but no smartphone able to match the performance of iPhone 7 Plus. The opening app now becomes faster, multitasking also becomes more advance, each app individual speed also increases and many other software tweaks which made this processor more powerful.

Apple uses new A10 Fusion Chipset which the first chipset from Apple uses Quad Core Processor, two core for the heavy task while other two are the energy efficient core for easy tasks like email, message, and many others. Two Heavy task core are faster than A9 Chipset while other two are more powerful and energy efficient than A8 Chipset. Apple uses Two Cores clocked at 2.34 Ghz. The new 4th Gen 64bit desktop architecture A10 Chipset Which is faster than any previous gen Intel Core CPU which is desktop CPU. Apple uses same 3GB LPDDR4 RAM to make this device insanely fast but also heavy multitasking. As Apple give iPhone 7 Plus a GB more to maintain its performance as it requires more power in Camera Job.

Games like Asphalt 8, NFS looks more stunning on new Display while playing the game may feel like console ones. Playing games like F1 2016 which is introduce in recent week feel more console level with depth effect, blur effect and much more. The haptic engine also provides nice feedback within the app like playing game feels like experience playing Dual Shock controller of PS3 or PS4. App also gets integration of new Feedback which made the app more immersive and nice.

Apple made some changes in internal as they now increase the size of a Haptic engine which provides more depth of feel while using, as Apple also remove physical hardware button while they introduce new Force Home Button which more gesture usable and feel nicer.

Other connectivity feature like Wifi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC are still present.


New iPhone 7 Plus is shipped with iOS 10.1 which upgradable to iOS 10.2 soon. As new feature like Rich Notification, iMessage Update, 3D Touch Enhancement, Widgets and much more made this awesome OS more awesome. The Speed and responsiveness of new iOS 10 are much better but new feature surely lures your heart away. Adaptation rate of iOS is also phenomenal at around 80% of iOS user using iOS 10.

Front Display with iOS 10
Front Display with iOS 10


The camera of iPhone is a most beloved camera around the world but new iPhone 7 Plus changes the way we think camera of iPhone as new Dual Camera Setup of this device help it to capture DSLR-quality images under the normal person. As Apple new Portrait mode help this device to good shots without any issue. Low light and Image Stabilisation is the best part of this device capturing user at distant new Optical Zoom capture 2x Zoom Subject with the same clarity as the first camera while 10x digital Zoom help device capture more distant object clearly. Other camera feature like Slow-mo at about 240 FPS, Time Lapse and Photos still remain same.

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iPhone 7 Plus Back
iPhone 7 Plus Back

FaceTime camera receives a bump to 7MP which made this device capture more stunning selfies. Retinal Flash helps people capture memory in the night. The new True Tone Flash becomes twice as bright and capture more distance which made night image nicer.


New iPhone 7 Plus have larger 2900 mAh battery which is around 200 mAh more than iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone 7 Plus gives around two days of battery life while light usage as new Processor helps this device to maintain performance and battery life while using. While using the device in low power mode help device to run for more than two days. While in full stretch device is under heavy load it can perform about 4 to 5 hr of battery life which is stunning for this device.


New iPhone 7 Plus comes with the limitation of Old 3.5mm headphone jack as it is not present in the device, as Apple uses new Lighting connector as Audio output. Many users are in oppose of this issue and Apple also quoted that they have the courage to remove it as year old technology. As Apple also put forward other feature like Stereo Speakers which sounds fantastic, Larger Haptic Engine more feels Larger Earpiece and many other which made iPhone 7 Plus this good.

iPhone 7 Plus Port and Speakers
iPhone 7 Plus Port and Speakers

Apple new Stereo Speaker setup sounds too good as these speakers more immersive and loud experience as compared with other this type of setup speaker Apple sound more soothing and nice.


iPhone 7 Plus overall review is nice as main complain of the user is Design, but other features like New Haptic Feedback Engine, Force Home Button, Antenna Band Slim Down, Larger Battery, camera Improvement and much more which made this device awesome. As compare this device with iPhone 6s Plus all other factors like performance, day to day like a task.

Storage Option of iPhone also increases as 32GB for starting model while 256GB for the top model. The user can use a 32GB model as it not bad and work very nice user can store App, Songs, Video in a limited amount.

Price starting at $769 and goes up to $969, Jet Black version starts as the base model of 128GB and 256GB for a higher model.


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