MacBook Pro 2017 Rumors To Have Retina 2.0 Display: MacBook Pro is most stylish and sturdy laptop of Apple. In 2016, Apple delivered its most beautiful laptop in the market and it has set a standard for other manufacturers. It was the laptop having best machines being premium-priced device among the users and Apple fans. “Touch bar” and OLED strip above the keyboard replacing the Function bar with Touch sensitive control are among the new features that 2016 MacBook Pro have.

Now Apple is going to bring new and improve MacBook Pro 2017 which is expecting to deal with all issues that arose in 2016 MacBook Pro.  According to a report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, the production of this MacBook Pro models will start in Q3 2017.

Features That May Present In 2017 MacBook Pro:

The MacBook Pro 2017 will have the latest processor in it according to TechRadar report. In this year Apple is finally going to embedded Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake Processors. As this laptop is designed for professional users, the Kaby Lake Processor will boost up the speed of MacBook Pro which is the desirable feature that every user wants in its professional laptop. In MacBook 2016, Apple incorporates Intel’s 6th generation Skylake processor which is the fast Quad-core chip but in comparison to other rival laptops, the MacBook Pro 2016 was underpowered. Now if the Apple is going to have Kaby Lake Processor in its upcoming MacBook Pro, then Apple will surely be able to beat the competition with other companies.

The upcoming MacBook Pro is also expecting to have 32GB RAM option. This feature of 32GB RAM will be like by users who need more space in their device as they have so many things to do on their device. In MacBook Pro 2016 only 16GB RAM was available in its top configuration model which was a quite disappointing feature for the professional users who have a lot of work to do. After switching to 32GB, it seems that Apple wants to provide the device with all desirable features that would be like by its users and fans.

Apart from Kaby Lake Processor and 32GB RAM, another feature that we might go to see in Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro is its improve battery. As MacBook Pro 2016 faced too much criticism over its battery life, now apple does not want to take any chance to disappoint its users. Complain about poor battery life in MacBook Pro 2016 was seen soon after its release. However, Apple said that MacBook Pro would run long hours but it wasn’t proved true.  In an update version, Apple would resolve this problem and we hope that we will have MacBook Pro with long running battery life. Intel’s Kaby Lake Processor use less power as compared to Skylake processors. Integration of this processor into upcoming MacBook Pro will also help the Apple to achieve its goal of making the laptop to run for long hours.

In terms of the screen display, it is the rumor that Apple will use Retina 2.0 display which would be a far better screen resolution in comparison to those are using currently in Apple’s devices. It is assumed that the device may feature with 3,200×1,800 QHD+ panel. The current MacBook pro model has 2560 × 1600 resolution so we will have an update screen resolution in upcoming MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro 2017 is considered as upgrade model of 2016 MacBook Pro model.  The new feature that we might see in flagship laptop model is the debut of a sharper display.

Apple’s MacBook Pro is a very popular device in the market of laptops. In spite of having battery issues, outdated processors, less RAM etc. it is become successful in giving tough competition to other laptops in the available in the market. Many users found MacBook pro a convenient and most acceptable laptop than others. So it would not be wrong to say after the updates and resolving all the issues that the previous model had, Apple will be able to deliver the best laptop for its users.


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