MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ With TouchBar Review: Apple new MacBook Pro With TouchBar is performing pretty bad among critics and customers, as battery problem of yet not been solved by Apple many customers are experiencing really bad battery life. While initially after its launch Apple has lost many anticipated consumers as they not able to match their requirements. As Apple is known for their Pro user which include the pretty large community of world including Photographers, Software Developers, Artist, Video Editor and various other. Apple include many fancy features to their MacBook Pro but the process conversion to USB Type-C or Thunderbolt still costly, while Memory Card Slot, Apple MagSafe Connector, and various things made this year MacBook Pro little odd.

Apple MacBook Pro lineup is always been best product since its releases after 2006, but in its tenth anniversary, Apple does not likely look so passionate about their Mac lineup. While Some quality is still here like the full metal body design, precise design and components, and Display. Apple is always trying to transform Computer Industry by inclusion various technology which has not been seen in other Computer at that time, Apple still stick to these words and MacBook Pro 2016 is also based on that so without further ado lets get started.

MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ With TouchBar Review, Specification, Features:


Apple made MacBook Pro With TouchBar in Model of 13” and 15” we are reviewing 13” MacBook Pro. Talking about its design Apple still maintaining its standard with metal unibody design crafted with aluminum metal. As each Curve and Metal as mold partly for Notebook user. As from outside its feel from inside tough. While one reduction in aesthetic is Glowing Apple logo on Top which is missing the feature.

Apple MacBook Pro Design
Apple MacBook Pro Design

Apple same MacBook 12” Hinge in this year MacBook which helps Apple to made the full metal body. While Display border become less which also help Apple to reduce the volume of MacBook Pro from previous MacBook Pro. As Apple made a color option in this year MacBook which made the customer choose which color they prefer as we prefer Space Grey version as its look really fantastic and also match user choice.

Apple main turn over toward is USB Type-C and ThunderBolt 3 in same Port which helps MacBook Pro to reduce more weight and volume as USB Type-C is now available is various Smartphone Today like Google Pixel, Lumia 950 and various another smartphone except Apple’s iPhone. Ports on new MacBook Pro has revolutionized the whole industry by the inclusion of new Type-C Port having Thunderbolt 3 capability, This model includes four, two Type-C port on the left side, two on the right side with headphone jack and no other ports or cable management is required.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 and 15
Apple MacBook Pro 13 and 15

Apple made this year MacBook Pro thinner as while industry rushed toward slim and light design then how inventor will remain back. 0.59″ thick which means that heavy weight is lost during the span of four years. While device also reduces some volume which made device 11.97″ Width while 8.36″ Depth. Apple also reduces the weight of MacBook Pro to 1 Pound which made device 3.02 Pound.

New MacBook Pro TouchBar has received design factor as 12-inch MacBook which was released last year. While it includes a little bit of extra hardware as compared to recent 12-inch MacBook as an extra Type-C Ports all are capable of Thunderbolt 3, Faster Storage up to 3.1 Gbps speed, bigger trackpad, TouchBar and Headphone Jack.


Apple New Retinal Display is better than industry standard display as Retinal Display Surpasses all OLED, LED and various other technology as this year Pro include, brighter, colorful, high contrast and various other things which made this year MacBook Pro’s Display better than ever. Talking from the perception of Professional this display support various color ranges from P3 Color Gamut, SRGB, Adobe RGB and various another industry standard. The picture appears really sharp and details can easily see.

Apple MacBook Pro Editing Apps
Apple MacBook Pro Editing Apps

Apple uses display appear same as the previous model as 13.3” and 15.4” but the form factor appears to be really small which is easy to travel and you can use this device really easily. As the weight of this device is really made you feel like holding MacBook Air. Resolution of the display is still as previous with 2560×1600 with 227 ppi for 13” model and 880-by-1800 native resolution at 220 ppi.

Watching movies, Seeing Photos and doing other stuff this display never drops you with its quality and color reproduction as this device is feed with really top notch display. You will surely enjoy this display performance as it brightness looks really nice with 500nits which help this device to work outside.


Apple uses Intel’s 6th Gen CPU in their MacBook Pro 2016 as Dual Core i5 model for 13” and Quad Core i7 model for 15”. 13” MacBook starts with Dual Core i5 clocked at 2.9 GHz with boost clock of 3.3 GHz while you can configure Core i7 model also with little extra bugs, 15” model which include Quad Core i7 clocked at 2.6 GHz with boost clock of 3.5 GHz as this level of processing power which made previous model little bit old but not too old. 13” model shipped with 8GB of DDR3 2133 Mhz RAM while 15” Shipped with 16 GB of DDR3 clocked at 2133 Mhz RAM. As these RAM are pretty old as compared to an industry which uses DDR4 for standard but Apple still give an explanation to battery life with DDR4 which is not a good reason. Apple new T1 Chip for TouchID also work same as iPhone and iPad TouchID you’ll have to put your finger over it and done.

Apple MacBook Pro TouchBar
Apple MacBook Pro TouchBar

In terms of performance, MacBook Pro performs really nice in Mac environment but when you do boot camp lacking processor and GPU showing its effect and all Apple optimization fails theirs. As this dual core processor are not able to handle all those apps you run in windows environments. While using Apps like Final Cut Pro, Motion 5 are well optimized for this device as the easy functionality of TouchBar help a lot in various situation. While Premier Pro is still lacking behind Windows Counterparts as Surface Book Performance is better than recent MacBook Pro performance.

While 15” also include GPU from AMD which uses Polaris Architecture but the GPU still note able to perform its Nvidia Counterpart as in various comparison Apple really lacks behind. Apple uses AMD Pro 450 and 455 with 2GB or RAM while there is the option of more RAM with 4GB GDDR5 GPU AMD Pro 460. But this solution is still not enough to made MacBook Pro a Gaming or editing device for Pros.

In terms of graphics performance, this device includes Intel HD Iris 550 Graphics which lets user little demanding task easily. Storage option in Mac is increasing little bit extra with 128GB which made 256 GB model as a base and other models include 512GB while you can still configure 1TB or 2TB Option as after expansion is really impossible as Storage is solder inside PCB. This PCIe based SSD gives around 3.1 Gbps if Speed which made this device in fastest SSD list.

Thunderbolt 3 Option really made this device future proof. As this device has the capability of transfer 40 Gbps of data without any issue while using a display like 5K or 8K this device won’t let you down. The user has to face some issue while using current gen device which in the future Type-C port Storage device and other stuff will available.

Connectivity option device includes Wi-FI 802.11ac and Bluetooth v4.2 while other purposes of Syncing includes 4xType-C with Thunderbolt 3 and 3.5mm Headphone jack. As from this observation, the device uses the very minimal place for ports.


This device is shipped with macOS Sierra and tons of nice feature like Siri, Auto Unlock with Apple Watch, Universal Clipboard and Much More made this device worth for. macOS Sierra is way better than other counter path and blazing fast in all the stuff. Apple macOS is always max optimized for Mac device as its performance is blazing fast. While Profile of another user in the device is also become more easy, secure and change between user now done with your fingerprint easily without any issue.


Apple also increases the Audio of new MacBook Pro twice as previous, as new 13″ MacBook Pro also feature Speaker grills which you won’t find in previous gen 13″ MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Pro Speakers
Apple MacBook Pro Speakers

New Speaker is just awesome with superb audio quality, nice base without any hazel or audio dropout. This device can make Grove over two room user and sound can reach each corner. Watching movies, listening songs now become just awesome. While listening from this speaker for while surely attract toward its as voice, pitch and bass all are optimized to give best user experience.

Keyboard & TrackPad:

Apple ForceTrack Pad is the best trackpad ever made with a level of precision and user experience which another trackpad won’t match. But Apple now above the level user experience Apple has made twice as larger Force Trackpad so the user can perform gesture more easily. While gesture in Mac as way advance and useful while Windows copies it afterward but this how things works.

Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard
Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard

While Keyboard in MacBook Pro lineup has received significant change. As new Keyboard include low key travel which is nice but not likes by some. As Apple uses butterfly mechanism keyboard which they use in MacBook 12″.


Battery Gate of MacBook Pro 13” and 15” with TouchBar harasses many users as they felt cheated with this costly Notebook but battery backup like other industry Notebook. From full charge to battery down MacBook Pro only runs about 5-7 hour depending on usage while editing may easily take off the battery from the device. Hope Apple to solve this problem or they land in a problem for their future Mac device.


TouchBar really add functionality to MacBook as this small strip works according to situations as when you use Pages it predicts Words, While Using Final Cut Pro it uses various editing tools which made you work really easy and fast and various app are optimised to take full advantage to TouchBar while Apple opens door for developer to mould TouchBar according to themselves.

TouchID inclusion really helps a lot to save time and made the device more secure as the user can easily switch to their profile without entering Password. While if you have multiple user Mac this feature help them to switch very easily.


Apple made MacBook Pro mixed reaction in our mind as somehow it performs really poor, battery life also made this device dump while its looks, TouchBar, TrackPad and various other things made good thoughts about MacBook Pro. As Apple made advancement in the various entire including future Ports, Speedy RAM, Speedy Storage and various other thins which made MacBook Pro really awesome.

Talking about price this device has 256GB of PCIe Storage with 13” Display, Core i5 2.9 GHz cost about $1799 while the user can go for Core i7 Version also which they can configure from Apple Website. While you can also 15” model with Core i7 Quad Core at $2399.


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