Surface Pro 5 Patent, Release Date, Leaks, And Rumor: Surface Pro 4 has completed nearly one year of its launch, this time Microsoft lover is waiting for its successor Surface Pro 5. As Surface Pro 4 really show a good graph of sales as compared to other product of their lineup. These rumors are in the market for a while after Microsoft patented some of its product liked foldable screen, a stylus which according to the leakster foldable screen is for Surface Phone which they might launch in 2019 and stylus is for Surface Pro 5.

So we go through leakster, and many Reddit board to know what are the rumors and expectation going on the market related to this Surface Pro 5. There will be some hardware upgradations along with the lasted Microsoft technology to make the Surface Pro 5 to be more competitor that other product in the market like MacBook Pro.

Stylus Patent By Microsoft
Stylus Patent By Microsoft
Stylus Patent By Microsoft
Stylus Patent By Microsoft

Hardware And Other Upgradation That May Occur In Microsoft Surface Pro 5:

Processor, RAM And Graphic Upgradation:

As Intel releases it 7th generation Kaby Lake notebook processor in Q1 of 2017 so the path is set for the Microsoft for its Surface Pro 5. As its predecessor have 6th generation Skylake this will definitely have 7th generation Kaby Lake. The RAM will also increase to 8GB as a base model with 16GB and 32GB optional along with the advancement of advancement of the graphic from Intel HD 540 to Intel HD 620 which will really work as the pro in the field of 4K video editing, moderate gaming and so on.

Type-C Thunderbolt:

Surface Pro 4 was equipped with mini-display port which going to replace it by Type-C Thunderbolt as you can see in MacBook Pro 2017 which will give Surface Pro 5 a broad choice of connectivity in more advanced and fast way of data transfer.

Display And Its Resolution:

There is the rumor that there may be the bezel-less screen with the 4K display which will give sharper and good color saturation image, so you reading and entertaining activity like watching more will add some plus point in your experience.

Increase In Battery Life:

In Surface pro 4 Microsoft was claiming for 9 Hours of video playback backup but on our test it 5.5 Hours video playback this time it will work harder to increase the backup up to 7 to 8 hrs which will be good enough while outside or travel.

According to the rumor, they may launch their Surface Pro 5 at the end of Q3 2017 with price range start from 899 USD to 1599 USD which will depend upon the storage option and type of processor you will choose before buying. For more Microsoft NEWS, leaks and rumors stay touch with us or you can follow us on our social network for the latest technological updates.


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