New Concept For iPhone 8 That imagine Siri With Augmented Reality Technology

Concept For iPhone 8
Concept For iPhone 8

New Concept For iPhone 8 That imagine Siri With Augmented Reality Technology: Many new smartphones are arriving in this year such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG’s G6 announced at mobile World Congress 2017 and most awaited iPhone 8 that will be available this year on the occasion of iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Gabor Balogh – a digital artist shown some concept for the design of the device.

A lot of thought has given by him about the iPhone 8 that reveals some features of the software that we may see in upcoming iPhone 8. In his view, Siri will have an important role in upcoming iPhone. Other than this, face recognition augmented reality (AR), and big data will also be the important features of iPhone.

Upcoming iPhone 8 Concept:

In Gabor’s view, Siri could use Augmented reality (AR) technology to interact with objects. The place where the physical home button is located, virtual Siri/home button would be found. In navigation App, AR will be made to play a major role.

New Concept For iPhone 8 That imagine Siri W/h AR Technology
New Concept For iPhone 8

Balogh imagines that on raising the iPhone, rear camera will open and translucent interface will form and the objects or build behind the device will be the show. On asking Siri to identify it you will be able to know the location of that building. Other than this, Balogh suggested that – health data of a person could also be obtained by just pointing the camera at them and asking Siri to given their health data.

However, in all these concepts some of the things are also there which would need to be considered. In bezel-less display screen become large than previous iPhone and on using a camera at such large screen as to find locations by using Siri and on taking pictures, the battery of the iPhone will be drain away in some time.

This would be the major issue for the iPhone users. So there would be the need that company would consider this issue and something has to be done to give the long hour battery life with all this feature. Other than this, to obtain the health data of a person like heart rate, body temperature, and breathing rate by scanning the body with the camera is like beyond our imagination.

It’s not clear at this time that all these features will be present in upcoming iPhone 8 or in device next to iPhone 8. The software that presents in iPhone 8 is a kind of a mystery as there are not so many details are provided by the company. The most important feature that may present in iPhone 8 will be surprising for all. Features that upcoming iPhone will have are edge-to-edge display, OLED screen embedded with the fingerprint sensor. It is also rumored that iPhone 8 may come with wireless charging.


  1. I’m so fed up with Siri not understanding my Geordie accent? (North East England)
    I speak as clearly as possible and still doesn’t understand! I always get a response, please repeat the question!

    • It’s a Siri issue, as my friend from another country always complains about this problem while on the other hand, you will find Cortana & Google Assistance for the much better response in other languages & accent.


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