Samsung Is Expecting Staggering Sale Of Their Upcoming Galaxy S8: Last year Samsung was successfully able to sell over 50 million units of its one of the most popular device Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Now in this year, Samsung has the plan to sell its upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+ more than its predecessors.

According to a report from BusinessKorea, it is expected that the Flagship model of Samsung will be able to leave behind Galaxy S7 in terms of sell. To promote the smartphone, the company has leaked a video on YouTube name as “this is a phone”. This video has been watched over 24 million times. In this video, we can see that it is revealing the announce date of the device that is 29 March. So many leaks and rumors are there which are doing a great job to promote the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Contain Some Interesting Features Like 1000fps Videos Capturing:

Samsung Galaxy S7 was the very impressive smartphone last year and it became very popular among the consumers. Samsung has also faced criticism over the Galaxy Note 7 last year. After the problem raised in Note 7, it affects the reputation of the company among the consumers. So at this time, there is a lot of pressure for the company to do everything very well.

Samsung has added many new features in the Galaxy S8 to make it like by its fan. Samsung Galaxy S8 will have DRAM to the camera sensor do that device will be able to capture 1,000fps video. We may also have the new color option in the device to choose. A leak suggested that apart from Black and silver color a new Violet color option would also be there. Both the phones Galaxy S8 and S8+ expected to feature edge display and S8+ seems to be the larger version of the device. Another change which is expecting in the device is it may come without the Home Button. Without Home Button size of the screen will be large.

Having all these features price of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are expecting to be higher than its previously released models. So it will be exciting to see the sell graph of an upcoming device than its predecessors as it is very difficult to say what will be to happen. It is very tough time for the company as there are many expectations from the flagship model. Well, after all this Samsung is doing all its efforts to build excitement among the consumers as soon both the smartphones will going be announced within few days.


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