Nintendo Finally Revels Its Launch Date On PlayStore For Android: It’s really a good NEWS for the Super Mario Game lover who was owning an Android phone and was not able to play that game. Nintendo has finally announced on its official twitter page that Super Mario Run will arrive on the Play Store on March 23. Android user has really waited a long time for this game as Nintendo launch this game is December 2016 with a huge success on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad. Earlier, Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run would arrive on the Play Store in March without giving the specific date but now they finally reveal its launch date on its twitter.

March 23 Nintendo Super Mario On PlayStore

Earlier in 2016 Pokémon GO was one of the most downloaded and popular apps but after the launch of Super Mario in December 2016 which become one of the successful apps of 2016 and still it was even the most downloaded app, taking the lead with the Pokémon GO. Super Mario Run on iOS quickly moved to the top of the most downloaded apps list with over 10 million individual installs on its first day on the App Store. Now with the same hope, Nintendo is launching this game in PlayStore to achieve the zenith of their achievement.

As always price is the deciding factor of the market which is very high in case of Super Mario that is 10$ due to which only by 5% of the total customers pay for the game to unlock all levels who install the game. Even Nintendo said that they have no plan to add any more level to this game which really disappoints the users. WSJ also reported that Nintendo is not making as much money through this game and it’s not meeting the expectation of investors.

You can pre-register for Super Mario game and get information related to this with your Android phone on PlayStore. The success of Nintendo Super Mario in Android PlayStore will depend that users are still interested in downloading the app after such a large gap in PlayStore and their will to pay 10$ to unlock all level without the addition of any extra level.


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