Augmented Reality Technology Will Be Next Big From Apple: A report from new Bloomberg suggested that Apple could be work on to integrate Augmented reality technology into the iPhones as well as for glasses later on. Glasses will be the new device that will be pair with the smartphone. Augmented reality glasses is also the interest of the company but it won’t come soon reason of that might be as it require a new OS and a new chip which will take the time to come on the surface.

It is expecting that the company is working on making iPhone more interesting for the users. In the camera app, basic Augmented reality features could be added. New features could be added into the iPhone so that after capturing the photograph, depth of the picture can be the change in according to the user. Apart from this, another interesting feature could be added that will allow the user to detach the specific object from the picture. It is expected that into iOS, Snapchat-style features could be built.

AR Concept In Upcoming iPhone
AR Concept In Upcoming iPhone

Augmented Reality Technology In iPhone Will Be Revolutionary:

However, Apple did not comment on all this. According to Bloomberg report, the company has made a team of experienced engineers including Mike Rockwell who will lead the team. Mike Rockwell has worked with Dolby in Hardware and technologies in past. Other team members in the team of Rockwell listed below:

Cody White who was formerly lead Amazon engineer working on Amazon’s CryEngine game engine fork.Duncan McRoberts who was the former director of software development at Meta. Yury Petrov, a former oculus researcher.

Avy Bar-Zeev a former Amazon and Microsoft engineer worked on HoloLens. Another engineer who were working on other projects of Apple and engineers working in Hollywood blockbusters for special effects also included into the team. Previously it was said by the company’s CEO Tim Cook, that Augmented reality is company’s area of interest but he did not give any details of future plans.

As there are no details about Augmented reality feature in iPhone from the Apple, we can’t say correctly what Apple is planning for its consumer. Apple is surely working on something large to make its upcoming devices highly update with the time in future.


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