Microsoft’s Patent For The Connected Cars: Microsoft and Toyota Motors are coming together with a fresh deal of patent license. Now the Toyota will access the range of Microsoft patent as per the deal. This deal was announced on Wednesday afternoon by Microsoft that reveals about its components. It includes car operating system, Wi-Fi motion sensors, voice recognition feature, navigation, and entertainment. It is the first kind of deal between the companies.

From this deal, we can conclude that Microsoft is focusing on providing technologies to the car makers so that they can make smarter cars instead of making its own automobiles having modern technologies.

Microsoft And Toyota Motors For This Patent License:

Over three years ago, Microsoft has disclosed its Windows in the car concept but that concept did not come into reality and ended there. But now Microsoft is again come with its technologies for the cars and this time it will go into the surface.

Previously Microsoft has provided car manufacturers such as Ford, Kia, BMW, and Fiat the special version of Windows for the cars. The automobile companies like Nissan and BMW both plan to integrate Microsoft’s Cortana assistant into their cars alongside PCs, Phones and other devices. After some time we could see user’s office with Office 365 integrations as one of the features in connected cars.

However, Microsoft’s patent for the connected cars will provide many features that will be helpful for the car owners to maintain their files via tools, users will also have cybersecurity and artificial intelligence features in their cars.

Technologies that will be able to predict the maintenance requirement of the car, when the cars need maintenance before it meets with any problem, is the essential requirements that should be present in the cars. The connected cars might be able to have these types of features in the future. It is also expected that in future Microsoft may deal with other companies to provide its technologies to the other vehicles too.


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