Luxury Technology Show Features the Latest Technology At Manhattan New York: In Manhattan, New York The Luxury Technology Show features the latest technology from the most innovative technology brands from all over the world. This show is for someone who actually wants something different in the technology. Press and media, buyers, industry executives, dealers were gathered in the event.

Products like smartphones, special speakers, home and business electronics, robotic grill cleaners, health and wellness, electric guitars, smartwatches, pet cameras, a LED bed, espresso machine and much more were present. Here we are discussing smartphones and mobile technology products mainly let’s have look on that one by one.

Luxury Technology Show Features the Latest Technology At Manhattan New York:

Sirin Labs Solarin:

It is a smartphone having 1440p IPS LCD display, 4GB RAM, and 128GB storage. This Android smartphone will come in red color. On the back of the phone, a switch is present which provide security to this device. the switch works on KoolSpan chi-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption. This phone will cost you nearly $17,000 which is very expensive and most impressive too.

Sirin Labs Solarin
Sirin Labs Solarin

The Turing Phone:

The Tuning Phone is the smartphone having stylish body design. The Tuning Phone is the innovation of Turing Robotic Industries who is working on the Turing Phone Appassionato, which is an Amplified Intelligence Android smartphone. Its distinguish feature is that it is made from Liquidmorphium alloy having coating resemble “diamond-like carbon”.

The Turing Phone Appassionato will be available from September 2017. The Dark Wyvern is the flagship model having great look. The Dark Wyvern Glaedr have a quite unique body design. the Sailfish OS which is more secure than Android is present on the original Turing phone.

The Turing Phone
The Turing Phone


The BlackBerry’s upcoming smartphone that is BlackBerry KeyOne was represented at Luxury Technology show which totally awesome device. BlackBerry will come again into the market of the smartphone with its upcoming KeyOne which is expecting to give a promising device to its users.

BlackBerry KeyOne
BlackBerry KeyOne

Apart from the smartphones, some other interesting products were also present at the Luxury Technology Show that also have some unique features and technologies.

A Tesla model X SUV were there as a luxury tech. The Aiptek iBeamBLOCK which is a stackable Windows 10 tablet PC and Projector. In this show, Sol Republic’s Amps Air wireless headphones were also very attractive.


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