Microsoft Surface Phone: Everything You Must Know About The Device: Microsoft is currently working on its much-awaited Surface Phone line up which will be the successor of Lumia series. Many rumors are coming since the news of production of The Surface Phone is out. For all those who love windows as the operating system in their smartphone, Surface Phone will be the right one. There are many people who are still a loyal fan of Microsoft and have excitement in the upcoming Surface Phone. The new rumored Surface Phone will have Windows 10 Mobile operating system that will be a latest and innovative in mobiles.

In the market of smartphones where Samsung and Apple already have a well-established base, Microsoft has to do more efforts to compete with them. Many consumers in the world are using either Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS as the operating system to run their device. Apart from that Samsung’s Tizen OS and BlackBerry OS is also popular. Microsoft has to go a long way to making its smartphone successful in the market of smartphone. Microsoft is under the great pressure to make it device more successful.

The Microsoft will back again in the smartphone market with its Surface Phone

It is also true that many popular apps and services are not supported in the smartphone running on Windows OS, it is also the reason of consumers to stay away from the Windows phone. However, instead of all this Microsoft has its new range of smartphones having Windows OS in the rumored Surface Phone for those who still love the Windows phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Concepts Images
Microsoft Surface Images

You Can Also See: Leak Image Of Surface Phone

If we are talking about the designs that Surface Phone may have then it would be interesting to know that new patent filing reveals that it will have an impressive bold design. The new patent indicates that multiple active displays will be present in the upcoming smartphone which will give the feel of a single seamless image.  In January another patent shows that foldable device with different form factors that could function both as the tablet as well as the smartphone. The foldable design will have joints in the hinge.

As we know the patents are never a guarantee that the upcoming device has it but they surely give the idea about what is the company considering related to the features of the device. many patents even not go into production so we just hope that the patents that reveal the feature of Surface Phone may go into reality. Apart from this, the company also promised to give revolutionary gadgets in the future by continuing in the market of smartphones.


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