Leaks And Rumors: Upcoming Surface Pro 5 Everything You Should Know About

Surface Pro 5 Leaks
Surface Pro 5 Leaks

Leaks And Rumors: Upcoming Surface Pro 5 Everything You Should Know About: After the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that came in late 2015, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expecting to announce soon at the annual spring event. It is expecting that upcoming Surface Pro 5 will be very popular among its Surface Pro line.

In the upcoming Surface Pro 5, the company seems to be focused on software updates rather than its external appearance. The tweets of Windows blogger Paul Thurrott suggested that in new Surface Pro 5 no big changes would be made. It will come with some internal changes related to the software.

Surface Pro 5 With Updated Software

“Surface Pro 5 will not change the Surface Connect Power connector, I was just told. Kaby Lake nothing dramatic”. Tweeted by Paul Thurrott.

The new rumor suggested that Surface Pro 5 will have Intel’s latest seventh-generation Kaby Lake Processor. This report was confirmed by Paul Thurrot and also indicated that upcoming Surface Pro 5 will have the power connector which is also present in its previous model Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The Surface Pro 4 is working on intel’s Skylake processor. The Surface Pro 5 is expecting to come with boosted speed and fast processing features.

However, it is not clear that whether the USB-C Port will be present in Surface Pro 5 or it will retain the USB 3. port which is present in Surface Pro 4. If Surface Pro 5 will feature with USB-C port then it would be first to have in the line of Surface Pro devices.  Apart from this, Microsoft is focusing on cloud base services and Windows 10 operating system. In Surface Pro 5 4K/UHD display feature is also one of the most talks about the rumor.

Although the release date of Surface Pro 5 is kind of unpredictable because in past Microsoft has released its devices in different months. The last Surface Pro 4 was released in October 2015 within the same month of its announcement.


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